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Sunday, February 13, 2011

PhotoJournalist 2010-September

Group Photo @ Tabin Wildlife Information Center

Preserved Butterflies for Education Purpose

After one hour drive from Lahad Datu Town ,we reach the Tabin Entrance Gate, another 20min drive before reach the Tabin Lodge/Resort.

Wish we can stay a night to experience the Night drive/ for Night wildlife spotting.(overload)

Elephant Skull @ Tabin Information Center. Few Information and research for Education purpose.

Gocha! Feel the Mud Volcano liquid (natural mask and sun protection )

Wildlife as Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Tembadau, Deer.. etc s used to gather here at Mud Volcano for the minerals. Now let us share the same minerals with LOVE!p
After a long day Walk under the sun and  Explore the Forest,Bathing @the Mud. Time for a short rest, some reading and a Notes... a drop of ink do the rest :)

P'tail Macaque Skull @ Tabin Information Center

Don't bother with the date in the phone... i forgot to set the camera;  young winged fruits from the Tree

Dry Mud Volcano

Tabin Lipad Mud Volcano ; 150 diameter
A mud volcano or mud dome is a kind of volcano that is made by liquids and gases from the earth. There are many different ways that mud volcanoes can be made. Temperatures in a mud volcano are much cooler than that of a regular volcano. The biggest mud volcanoes ever record are 10 kilometers in diameter and can be as tall as 700 meters.Most of the gases given off by mud volcanoes are methane. Other gases given off include carbon dioxide and methane. They usually spit out liquids with solids in the liquids. An example of this would be water with salt or acids in the water.>

Tabin Wildlife Lodge/Resort center of the Forest 1hours Drive from Lahad Datu Town.

Tabin Lodge/Resort Boardwalk connect to the chalet and guest rooms.

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