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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tioman Island (the land of the living Lady Dragon)

 Cheer! 2013 almost ended, just wonder were did i go missing!

Far away from the telecommunication and networking here i discovered the land of the living dragon or i can say 'Another Day In Paradise'.

check this out....  'Another Day In Paradise'
Private and isolated retreat resort located in Pulau Tioman 32km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the state of Pahang. Small island with 39km Long and 12km wide. One of the favorite destination for Snorkeling,Rock Climbing,Hike to the Waterfall, and for those who love the sea and the nature beauty this is the place for you! specially for mind relaxing.

the sandy ground
Time for sunny Fun and blast! suntanning in our white sand beach bed. the sand come and goes, due to the
the view from the Library
 There's always a space in every holiday.. relaxing and peace mind ... lets reading with the spectacular view just few step away from the resort library.

Day activities around the area....
After a relaxing day what else you can do here ....  jump in to the crystal clear water ... and sleep with the sound of the nature! swimming, kayaking, snorkeling  free suntanning!

Evening Dining Area
While having your Daily Meals.... with a free fresh air and free open sea view follow with the sound of the sea and the forest.... 'Bon Appetit'

Ferries service;

Mersing -Tioman
Tanjung Gemuk(north mersing) -Tioman

(Sea condition may influence the delay of ferries schedule and sometimes cancellation specially  during monsoon season in the month of November to March. Book you ticket in advance if travelling over weekends,public holidays and Singaporean and Malaysian School holidays)

Flight service;

Kuala Lumpur Subang Airport  - Airport Tekek Tioman.
(Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport SUBANG)

Berjaya Air has direct 40minute flight from Singapore (Seletar Airport)
Changi Airport Singapore - Airport Tekek Tioman

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"

City of the White Lion...


Feeling freedom and fresh in the city of the White Lion..

Enjoying my four days exploring Singapore. The train transport very convenience to move around Singapore and even the land bus transport are very good. Take my Words "You not going to lost your way"

People there are very helpful,so don't mind to ask for directions.

Singapore Maps and SENTOSA

The Avatar Garden
The theatre
Harbors Sandy Bay

The architecture are amazing, the place so clean  just having your meals at the bays watching the dancing water .
The flyer and the fry garden.

Mr the thinker...
Having my breakfast at the Chinatown... Q with the local.
Having my early dinner at Arabic/Iranian restaurant

Having your vegetarian Indian food in little India at the Gokul Restaurant... Don't miss ou the Lemongrass Juice! Freshing taste.
Chill at the coffee bean with international artis.

Having my lunch at the Garden...enjoying the sound of the birds .

Living in the busy cities... Take a break for your eyes and mind... 

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"