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Thursday, March 27, 2014

City of the White Lion...


Feeling freedom and fresh in the city of the White Lion..

Enjoying my four days exploring Singapore. The train transport very convenience to move around Singapore and even the land bus transport are very good. Take my Words "You not going to lost your way"

People there are very helpful,so don't mind to ask for directions.

Singapore Maps and SENTOSA

The Avatar Garden
The theatre
Harbors Sandy Bay

The architecture are amazing, the place so clean  just having your meals at the bays watching the dancing water .
The flyer and the fry garden.

Mr the thinker...
Having my breakfast at the Chinatown... Q with the local.
Having my early dinner at Arabic/Iranian restaurant

Having your vegetarian Indian food in little India at the Gokul Restaurant... Don't miss ou the Lemongrass Juice! Freshing taste.
Chill at the coffee bean with international artis.

Having my lunch at the Garden...enjoying the sound of the birds .

Living in the busy cities... Take a break for your eyes and mind... 

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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