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Monday, December 18, 2017

Magical Seaweed -Natural Collagen from the Sea Vegetables

The Seaweed Jelly also is known as (Irish Moss in Ireland) the seaweed I would like to introduce is "Borneo Seaweed"

Borneo Island is rich with Natural Beauty, the mountain and the best dive site in Malaysia for the Marine Lifes include the variety of seaweed.

if you know most ready-made food product seaweed comes from Borneo. Sarawak Produce freshly dried seaweed was export to Japan for food production.

I still remember we always go for a family picnic on the beach and most of the guy will go fishing and dive for seaweed it's for our lunch.

my favorite would be the grapes seaweed "freshly light green color) - crunchy, salty and fresh vegetables from the sea. i love the fresh salty taste like fireworks in my mouth.
And another one would be the green, purple, brownish seaweed - also famously known as seaweed jelly.

Any Sea vegetables very rich in minerals and here one of my favorite jelly made of Seaweed.
copy wright rosie daria
Dried Seaweed Jelly

Borneo seaweed similar to the one in Ireland Seaweed called Irish Moss - both country using this as part of their daily life diet for centuries.

Borneo's people have been eating this vegetable long before they join Malaya and be part of Malaysia country. seaweed only can be found on the island or Borneo Sabah and Sarawak.

copy right reservedThe fresh coral seaweed can be found within 4-6 meter deep water, easy can be dive by the local sea gypsies community of Borneo, without any oxygen tank. This community knows for their diving skills.
but because of high demand for this sea vegetables, now the local had made seaweed farming and a encourage by the government to give more work opportunities to the local.

Not all people like the sea smell of the seaweed, what they don't know its part of the health benefits of the magical seaweed vegetables.

Content Proteins such: Vitamin A,B1,B2,B6, K
Content Collagen: 10 times higher than Bird Nest
Content Calcium: 37 higher than fish liver

Borneo Seaweed is one of the Magical foods of the Sea, they grow in nutrient-dense Ocean Water full of minerals like iodine, iron, calcium.
Essential nutrients for proper brain function, metabolism and maintaining healthy bones.
And helps to improve: digestion, decrease LDL Cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a good source for reducing body weight.

Beauty Benefits:
Natural Collagen

for my  daily favourite  lets go to my @rosiekitchen to make this healthy food :-

Their three-way making seaweed part of the diest and Beauty.

1. Eat Raw Seaweed as Salad

Fresh Seaweed Salad
 Taste like a sea salad, crunchy salty and sour from the Calamansi taste.
two type seaweed to mix with salad
 to chop all the spicy, sour ingredients, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Chilies, Calamansi, a pitch of Sugar and salt
raw fresh wash clean and ready to eat..

for salad mixture

2. Jelly Seaweed

Made jelly out of dried seaweed,
wash to remove residues twice (i only wash twice than soak)
1st soak for 1hour

after 1 hrs soak, its double the size 
After soaking for 1hr than wash seaweed, than pun inside a big jar with full of new drinking water

                                           A                                                    B

Soak another 2hr inside the A-jar. after 2hr change water also drinking water.
soak another 2hours, after 2hrs it becomes seaweed in jar B.

Beauty Tips : the soaking water from Jar A and Jar B. keep for facial wash , hand wash also can be used for bathing water.

 the seaweed in Jar B, ready to use for cooking. when its turn to a lighter color is easy to melt, for me I don't use a blender to blend this.
just make sure the water boiling hot before put the seaweed jelly and keep stir
makinf seaweed jelly

melt and keep stir
 cool down before putting inside Tupperware and keep in the fridge for 1 to two weeks, ready to serve with Honey, Lime, Calamanci, Juice or smoothy.

for me, I make a small mint and Honey flavor for dessert today dinner
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Jelly Seaweed with fresh mints flavor

From the sea to the beautiful dessert table :)

3. Seaweed Mask for Daily use

for this Mask, you don't need to soak too long after wash twice. just soak for 1 hour then put in the blender and blend to smooth and brownies color, add water from time to time to get the sticky and smooth texture.

keep in the jar and put in the fridge, can use for daily Mask.
No need to soak to long, for mask we need the darker and sea mineral from the ocean water from the seaweed.

enjoy the Borneo Seaweed Tips

you can email me to Order Borneo Seaweed

the traveling shoe

Charity SuperHero Run

Charity Run Melaka,

My hobbies taking photos during the outdoors run, what an experience to see the participant really challenge their self to the finish line. How they have this strength to the finish line.

From different ages of a runner - the children very excited, the Parents are catching up with their energy, for the group of friends the fun run once of friendship bond. and for the couple is the challenges to be real.
 this what I do, taking the moment of people ACTIVITIES!

This time for Melaka Charity Run, im part of the participants taking advantage of the Melaka beauty.

I challenge my self and having Fun as one of the Super Hero of the Run!

Need to wefie with my running Dino

have to awake at 5am for light breakfast before gather at the a'famosa

Before the Run in front line

How Happy the early birds for the Fun Run

Kids with their bicycle on the run

Finisher with 48min for 8km and still smiling Red face! seriously Im ENJOYING the route,, ONE OF THE BEST ROUTE RUN I been joining. Bicycle Team leads the way, well organize and Bravo to ALL the Volunteer bicycle Team.
actually, i enjoying the view along the run  to the finish line :)

 Well, what you call Suoer Hero Run if there's no Super Hero wright!
this is what all the kids waiting for the SuperHero photo..what I see most of the adult enjoying it more :)

The Hulk
The Batman
and the one looks like spidy something deadpool?

with the start of the Day! the Super Hero

see what i mean the Adult having Fun
the best thing about Melaka is the Heritage Building, and you can lose weight just walking around the Jonker Street.
Only 2 things my wishlist every time visit Heritage Town.

Architecture discovery

Color Blending

Always visit the Holy Temple

Do Action
Wish List: FOOD
1.Pork Satay

pORK sATAY at Jalan Masjid

Hot Day! Snow Ice Cendol :)

Mr Cendol the legacy will carry on

Happy Tummy after a Run!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Best Pork Satay Relocated

I been visited one of the tasty BBQ Pork Satay, in Melaka, but not the Jalan Kuli anymore because of Loi Satay! already relocated to New Place@!!

Today I visited the place again and it's not there, try to find it and found the new location which a 15minutes walking distance from the current location.
this place a food corner for local to eat, and others varieties of local delicacies can be found here.

Pork Satay

Local taste is unique, which I believe the tourist or visitor can't spoil the market with their bad complaint! BUT to give a positive feedback for improvement and maintain the local price and the food qualities.

pork Intestine satay
some others stall, take advantages even the food qualities are dropping!
we as the customer have a very strong impact on this changes, so if we want to maintain the quality we need to have qualities of a good customer to maintain the value of what we consume!
taste food :)

must try..

Lung Ann Refreshing Restaurant @ Jalan Kampung Kuli, Makam Hang Jebat.

New Location : Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75300 Melaka

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Antioxidant Pancake

Hello Monday!

It's a new day of weekdays..
I can feel the spirit of JOY!
I can feel the laughter of Merry..
and I can hear the voice of Angels singing..

I'm getting ready for the day! and prepare my self for beautiful and healthy breakfast!

The Pancake (cook on sticky pan)
1 cup multi-purpose flour
2 eggs
1 cup fresh milk
1/2 spoon baking powder
1tbsp salt

The Fruits (Blender mixture)
3/4 cup Fresh Cranberries
3/4 cup Frozen Blue Berries
2pc Banana
1 spoon Honey
2 spoon Water

Blue,Red berries and Banana great combination of  energy and healthy skin

using blender to have smooth texture for Jam
 Dipping Jam for pancake made from fresh cranberries, blueberries, and banana.
the same fresh fruits can be drink with adding another 2 cup of water to make it more liquid drinks and energy to go for work.

Healthy breakfast start from home and its very easy to prepare for your self and for your family members.

glowing skin for the healthy body..

dipping berries jam

 Have a positive adventure this Monday!

" healthy breakfast healthy you, to start the day with colorful berries in your lips"

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

AWG Fine Watches -The Power of Run

AWG Fine Watches celebrate their 55years selling luxury watches...
to appreciate all the customers and their ambassador, they  organized a Fun Run with the celebrity also the watches ambassador.

some of the celebrity join in the 5km run and others just modeling around for the watches at the stage.

the most interesting part was the participate in the race of 5km and 10km.

with free Beverages of Milo, Maggie Mee, Cereal and Pau for all the participants.

see the pictures of the event.. which photo tells the story

participate for10km finisher

some of the Participate at the stage

the Ambassador of watches

ambassador of watches

one of the 10km participant

the Model

among the Families join the Run

Milo corner

Pau corner

the picture of the finisher of the Race Run

the traveling shoes.