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Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Pears, Fresh mint and Local Borneo Honey.
Refreshing simple fruity Cold lunch. Can keep in refrigerator for cool before lightly taken as refreshing during hot weather.

Spooky Honeydew Jelly
Spooky Honeydew Jelly
Fresh Honeydew,Gelatin,food color orange and apple green.
Cold dessert during Children party or Halloween. Can be in different shape and colors .

FruitTafu with Penang Rojak sos

Tafu,Starfruit,Apple,Sesame seed black&white and Penang rojak sos.
Can be eaten cold or plan and mix other fresh fruits and the magic 'Penang rojak sos' can be a dessert or cold lunch.

sticky rice

Sticky Rice
Sticky white&red rice, fresh coconut milk, Pandan leaf,Banana leaf.
Can be served as dessert with fresh mango also can be main dish with roasted Chicken or sweet herbs roasted pork.

If you love vegetables don't miss this secret recipes for your love ones! and if you having difficult cook vegetables for your children try this out. They going to love it even don't notice there's vege inside the cake :
what you need:
Flour / Baking Powder/ Cinnamon / salt / Milk/ Carrots / Pumpkins / Potatoes / Nuts / Sugar / Vegetable Oil.
Before Baking

Done Baking for 45min (then give a est for 1/2 hour)

DariaVegetarian Cake

Daria's Vegetarian Cake

Enjoy the Daria's Vegetarian Cake

Easy way to involve you children in making snacks fun and enjoyable, spending time with them during weekends: try this simple crunchy snacks: Popa roll / Milk / Sugar and Nuts
popia skin

makes a small roll

Fried till golden brown

Done fried looks crunchy

make it rest fro 10min

Mix the milk/sugar/nuts


Enjoy the simple recipes for your children :))

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