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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pulau Sakar

Sakar Island (Pulau Sakar)
Pulau Sakar located in Lahad Datu 5km away from the mainland one of the nearest Island in Lahad Datu area. Lowland Ultramafic Forest once Gazetted as Virgin Jungle Reserved Class 4 in 1965 with total area 760ha.19years later in March,14 1984 the forest reserved re-gazetted as class 6, mainly secondary forest
 Due to the increasing of the population,farming activities, Oil palm activities and illegal settlement.

 10-15min boat ride to the Island from the local jetty near the fish market in lahad datu.

The island almost covered all around  with narrow strip of mangrove forest with ultramafic soil. Which a home for the fireflies of  Pulau Sakar (sakar fireflies) - The mangrove stars.
Some local also said there few wildlife that always destroyed there farm, as the wild boar.

Most of the Pulau sakar villager are fisherman and seaweed farm they stay in the water village, they sold most of there fishes to the fish market in lahad datu.

 It was a nice day with very calm sea, i join our friend Mr.Hakim to check his land which been while abandon in the island. We move in the morning with fisherman boat.. it was a great day to be a fisherman and this is the view from the boat facing the ldu town.

good day to go fishing

 before reach the land we have to cross the mangrove forest and not easy to find the way, because all covered with mangrove and all look the same... what a fun laugh when our friend forgot the entrance to this land and we have to cross over few small river bank to find the correct entrance... everyone are singing and the weather are beautiful... can spot few of the kingfisher and eagle along the mangrove forest waiting for the yummy fish...

Mangrove Forest

 At last this is the entrance
After a while having difficulty finding our way through the mangrove, we found the dropping point! wow...
Beautiful surrounding the mixture mangrove forest... our boat drop us here.
the plan ...we walk while searching for the land border before.. met up with our boat men in the other side.

Our dropping point... i think it's spooky and uniquely beautiful...

After located the 1st land coordinate, we move to the next location  through the secondary forest with land owner and my brother in blue shirt

Few of the trees been cut down by the illegal settlement  in the island...
look like 20yrs old tree with 30-40m heigh

Looking at one of the huge tree in Mr.Hakim land that been cut down, were rest for a while before continue with our survey and hike the secondary forest and the mangrove forest..

Sure there are fantastic scenery from the mangrove, the color of the soil the forest and the mangrove forest are amazing...

After for hours going through the mangrove and the forest we stop and pay respect to Mr.Hakim parents and relatives grave which among the oldest grave in the island since and during Japanese.

This is the area where all started... Mr. Hakim tell his stories....

Beautiful wood curving on the grave mark

After visiting the grave... mr .Hakim bring me to the place once  a Japanese base camp and a tunnel which used by the Japanese.. to reach this place you need to be physically fit, because there no trek  you have to hold on to something... if not you fall!

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