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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Darvel Bay

20minutes drive from Lahad Datu small town..
Another interesting place to discover a Private property area own by local Chinese families , a new Marine life and Coral reef conservation base in Lahad Datu. You need permission to enter this private property area. Last year visit with church youths and my latest visit im going diving, the coral that they plant few years back are growing and the marine life start to bloom . Few coral fishes can seeing swim around the corals.. a huge improvement.

Here we go again.. From the main road can see a Oil palm Plantation before see the green and the open sea

Wind Energy one of the electric generators in this place Best alternative 

Darvel Bay Private PROPERTY

Me- Dive @Darvel Bay Beauty open sea and greenery behind

Bordwalk to the dive site..

Sandro@DM and me

gOING Diving

Sea the ,morning

Greenery from the sea facing the mainland

After the Dive.. Great Day..Great Weather

Here we go..

Darvel Bay Divers

Super Cool
wish for a good Weather .. in the morning so sunny and managed to complete 2dives.. after that everything changed in the evening sky turn to grey can see lighting follow by thunder and here comes the rain and storm.. after 1hour of rainy stormy chat the sky start to smile.. can the blue sky again... and the diving continue and others go for a fun snorkeling and swim.
really have fun and Thanks
Together we preserved the environment and the marine life for our next generation to see and feel the beauty...

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