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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday in Lahad Datu

Good Friday
So exited to join the morning walk station of the cross, it's been years since my last walk on my holidays in Guimaras Island Philippines2006.Same day, same event different places.Last Night the weather so calm it's full moon the road are clear no traffic and so quite, i when for the prayer and watch for the cross at the chapel with my dad. And this morning feel so fresh since my silent pray last night at st.Dominic Chapel from 11pm to 1pm, i sleep late but still wake up early for this special day!D

it's 5:30am Friday Morning getting ready for my 20min drive to join the Station of the Cross, miles 12 Sandakan Road.(uncle Edwin Kauju's Land). I drive alone, since all my friends have there own transport, i when to the oil station feed my car before surf the road...

Here I GO!

 slow drive i reach the place around 6:30am, i'm the first person to arrive. The walk start 7am, i park my car and going for picture taking while wait for my friends and the others, it's still mist when i arrived and the sun just woke up smiling at the grass.

trees that shade the road side so beautiful in the morning

 The weather are beautiful, i'm going for my early walk near the station and taken few picture before the event start and this place going to be crowded soon,the land are huge and the families who stay here are one of the church committee "the EdwinKouju family's".it's been more then seven years their land become base for the station of the cross every Good Friday , due to the location, the land and the surrounding and the family it self welcoming everyone.

Remembering HIM

This is the Walk Station
This are the area for the station cross walk, the space and the surrounding are full of nature so cool.

 After my short picture taking, my friends and other communities from the church arrived and everyone start gather to celebrate the station walk.we start with an opening prayer lead my our St.Dominic Church, Ft.Simon Kontou.And follow by the readers, and all the communities.
And Please don't bother with the date on the photo, again i forgot to set the date so exited...
The Wooden Cross
 The Wooden Cross, not heavy as you imagine, it's huge but not from the hard of the soft wood.
Few friends are try to carry the cross ,no :) they just stand as models
The Wooden cross is the attraction here, each and every person try to carry it, well one person not going to work, it all about working together and share the burden as one community.
The station start from 1st station till14th station
This is another view of station of the cross walk, the wooden cross will be carry in front by few strong people, hehe what i mean those few dare guy who will to offer there self carrying the cross. Follows by the priest, readers and all the communities.
Every walk will lead by song and every station will be give a prayer. and it's continue till the last station
Surprise more then hundred people attend the station of the cross, from different ages, even a child of age one are celebrate the walk, everyone look so familiar, they are Lahad Datu citizen and Church families.all of them stay in town lahad datu and others are from outside  the town come to join this great event.
Together share the burden, participate are dare to take the challenge
This is the best walk ever, and this photo are one of my favorite, can see the group of guys carrying the cross, they are the participate who dare to carry the call, and the next station would be going up hill !Amazing .
Respectful GoodFriday prayer and reflection of the station
Every station will be given reflation and silent respect  of  the journey and the suffering of Jesus Christ.
 'kouju land' is the best place for this occasion yearly.If you ever been to Lahad Datu during GoodFriday, can join and respect to walk here. and learn other culture beliefs.
Another stop in another Station

The priest in red shirt are walk together with the group of guy carrying the cross

Stand the cross, so everyone can see it
Each station different people will carrying the cross, and every station like above photo, this group of guy will hold the cross up straight so everyone from distend can see it.
Carrying the cross up Hill, together
This is the 1st up hill challenge," i can't image how HIS alone can carry his own cross up hill(our burden). and us are many! HIS suffering on the walk till HE died on the cross. Let's continue our walk until top of the hill.
three last station up hill
As you can see up hill, there's 3 cross, that is the three last station , the challenge have to go up hill.carefully, because during rain could be so slippery.
everyone are going up hill
Can see how crowded and so many people are coming joining us for this big day, still have more coming from behind.
carrying the cross up hill
Can you see the cross and the people walking behind and surrounding, this is one of the great feeling walk together to reach the 13th station base up hill.
On the 13th station UP HILL
Everyone are walking up hill for the 13th and last Station .Check on my time it shown 8am and the sun are shine brightly.& smiling.
The last station top of the hill
 Walk together with all my friends and everyone here are peaceful feeling, the weather are sunny, like smiling at us. my last time here was 7years ago for the same event station that time i'm still active church youths . coming back here are great feeling, i'm so happy. can you see the view from up Hill's" everyone are standing giving a respect from HIS SACRIFICE for us.
The last station UP HILL
Most of the people cover the space on the top of the hill, others are waiting below, there;s to many people i guess more then hundreds attend.
The last Walk
This picture taken as where i'm standing, catch the view of the cross, waiting and i'm moving up reach .the top.i only can share the good side of my life share it with you.AND only GOD can judge my other life in :)
@the Top of the Hill with the Big cross "remembering Good Friday"
On my way home driving, i ask my self ' guess where did i lost my peaceful heart,..   
then i smile and was on the cross after all....
just have to remember where did i keep it...
it was next to myheart...
Wish you all have a peaceful heart always God Bless and Happy Easter :)
God never said life would be easy, but he does mention at the end you would be worth it!
 have a great Happy time of my life join this Walk.. you should do it sometimes! the experience and the feeling are such meaningful "remembering GoodFriday 2011/22/04 Lahad Datu"

Next year/Next time come join me visit Lahad Datu for the GOOD FRIDAY! join the crowd and feel the experience.Respect and give Love ;-)

+Remembering GoodFriday +

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