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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tawau to Lahad Datu

A day tour from Tawau to Lahad Datu took 4hours slow ride and stop few nice places to catch the amazing nature view usual ride only 2hours or less. But if you not rushing and keen to see few local villages, its good to stop and explore.Never know that we would learn and discover.

evening entrance to tawau
with slow safety drive to Tawau, we reach at evening just great see the sunset along the road.Been awhile did see this view since my last visit in Kapalai Island, A BEAUTIFUL MEMORY ALWAYS marks in my heart to carry on. This is what i love about God great creation the Nature, the beauty. it only us human blind ... lets continue the road..
sunset road

madai cave
On the way back to Lahad Datu, we stop few places and this Great swallow nest cave one of the place! plan to bring bigger group to go much fun. we just stop and asking the local about the policy and the rules going in. before we plan to come... no worry they provide guide to enter the cave with fees..

road to the mouth of madai cave
if you can see theirs many huts house along the road to the mouth cave, actually that a shelter  a rest hut for the bird nest collector, where they clean and sell there nest... during nest season march-april and august-september.
kg.silam local village beach
This is another place we stop and have a  leg massage from the sea water, KG.SILAM. actually we managed to spot new place but unable to go in ,because the land is private property and got gate, so we turn to this side..
kg.silam village relaxing place

fisherman boat

another view at my left side

relaxing  after a long ride
relaxing my leg... warm sea water and what a ride ;) thanks for my driver V. heheh plan to swim here but due its public holiday most of the kampung  are picnic and swim.. we just stop for a 20min before continue surf the road before the sun drop.....
the other side of the island

on the way back home Lahad Datu.

it's almost sunset when we reach Lahad Datu.This is what i miss stopping and mix with the local life which i left long time ago, glad to be back and every time i look at the sea remind me of someone that i used to travel on a road trip long time ago.. sharky !D sign out now see you for ;)
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