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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tabin to Mabul T

,August 31 - 3September 2011 beautiful person in Amazing places.. lovely surprise

it's Holidays mean Public Holidays Hari Raya.. most of the shop, food court are closed! hahahaa so instead spending time at town why dont we go for a little explore to the NATURE!
Lets go for Tabin Mud Volcano Tabin: Sabah's Greatest Wildlife 1 1/2hrs drive from Lahad Datu town.

Tabin DRY mud
Some of the important features of Tabin are its mineral sources including at least three "Mud Volcanoes." Simply put, a mud volcano is a hill (mound) of mud and clay pushed or heaved up through overlying sediments  The mud is formed when volcanic (heated) gasses dissolved in hot ground water interact with the igneous rocks a few meters below the surface. A thick and gooey acidic mixture, which varies in water content through the year, is formed. This mixture of mud and clay is continually pushed up and form an elevated cone above the surrounding area about 3m to 12m high. The mud soon dries to a solid, crumbly, rock. At the top of the volcano, mud is continually, though slowly, released and forms a small pool.The rocks, soil and water in the area of the primary mud volcano are highly saline, and the pH is quite alkaline (averaging 8.0) This area serves as a mineral salt lick for many animals including birds. It is perhaps for this reason that such a great diversity of large mammals including elephants, wild cattle (Tembadau), and bearded pigs.

Tabin Mud Volcano facing the wildlife Tower

Vi Vien@rochek beautiful pieces of art's using the clay from mud volcano

ViVien@rochek wt.Jerome Forestry Guide
Vivien trying the clay facial..

@Taliwas Fall wt.Vivien

Leaving Semporna mainland off to Mabul 45min boat ride

Local boat transfer to nearby land

TheModel Vi Vien@rochek

Scuba Junkie facing Seaventure

Vi Vien the group of snorkeling


Clown Fish@anemo


Taliwas Falla with Jerome Forestry Guide

Beautiful Sunny eeeehh No PHOTO @scuba junkie

background seaventure scuba operator me @scuba junkie wt. beautiful photographer Vi Vien@rochek

ro'C&roChek @scuba junkie
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