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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Reach Lahad Datu 8am from Kota Kinabalu, a slow land drive...
Surfing the road in wet weather not easy.. mist everywhere have to add more extra safety, enough sleep,no rush,sing if you want along the way ..
Quite night and slow drive until we reach Beluran area.. the weather much clear but few areas the road so dangerous have drive extra careful... im enjoying the quite environment while everyone in the car sleeping can heard the song of snoring.Hahahaa
After hours driving i decided to stop and have a fresh air while having my tea and Nasi lemak and noddles Woopss so hungry, others stay in the car and continue sleeping. I'm looking at the stars so beautiful....
Need to refuel the car oil before continue the journey tomorrow, because of the nearest gas station only open 8am guess have to wait till the sunrise then continue the ride... i cant sleep i just enjoying the skies view, the changes so amazing;
6am time to move but the station open bit late today.. have to wait an hours before the owner arrive and we can refuel the car.

Not that bad when the sunrise woke up... see your self  and enjoy it :))

Beautiful sunrise today...

Sunrise Transformation

Evening Coconut near the beach

this how i see the Yayasan Sabah building standing proud near the beach

Yayasan sabah Building Kota Kinabalu

Labuk, Sunrise 6am

Labuk View

Standing looking at the view

One of my favorite view
Believe or not there's few people where waiting for the Labuk station to open but non- of them are looking at the sunrise... everyone are doing there own things and talking and looking at other;s only me are standing facing the sunrise and took the picture. At first i felt weird when most of them staring at me standing at one edge. Hahaaa in one edge i capture this beautiful view..
one of the transformation through time

amazed with the skies

and the light slowly disappear

just where im standing

Labuk station
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