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Monday, April 2, 2012

Heart and Gold

When lovers and spouses go into business together, they should be especially careful not to divide and conquer themselves. Most couples will not think enough about the possibility of the relationship souring and the implications a romantic break-up has for the shared business. In the most unfortunate of personal and business breakups, the lovers may divide themselves and their business, opening the way for a rival to conquer and destroy the value they created.Human interactions at work can be complicated. However, treating people like human beings is necessary in all cases. A couple of perspectives for you:

Respect must be earned. While I believe you may be talking about basic human decency here (and correct me if I am wrong), professionally, authority figures respect people who demonstrate good attitudes and give good results. In the business world, it is someone's dream (and probably more than one someone) for your place of work to be profitable, and every leader in the workplace should be working to achieve this. Employees who go above and beyond what is expected, and who consistently contribute to good or better results, will definitely have the respect of their superiors.

There is no work life/personal life. Everybody only has one life, and at least in America, we spend at least a third of it working. You should never have to compromise WHO you are for your job, and remember that not every job is for everyone. If you love what you do, it will probably not seem as much like work, and you are much more likely to be motivated to proper attitudes and results. Loving your job for more than paycheck is one of the ways in modern, Western, industrial society to live a rewarding lifestyle.

Personally, I believe you should have compassion in everything that you do, and if everyone took a little more time (even just a few seconds a day) to program their thoughts towards understanding and gratitude, then there would be very few instances of hurt feelings, resentment, and other disgruntling emotions. However, remember this: you can't control anyone but yourself, and you have 100% control over you. I really like Gandhi's quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world". Everything starts with you, and if you lead the way as a good example, others will follow.

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