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Friday, May 18, 2012

Reduce your Heart Attack Risk

Happy Heart from Happy Healthy Food;

1. Drink Green or Black Tea
Both contain powerful antioxidants that may help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pleasure.
2.Built a Spiritual Life
People with regular or daily spiritual practice tend to live longer. It because they feel less anxious and more emotional and mental support. So take or give your self a time to connect with your inner higher power.
3.Limitation of Fat (take good Fat)
Most fats should come from vegetable oils and Olives oil which good and contains lots of heart-healthy antioxidants.
4.Get Rough
Get more fibre in your diet,Eat whole grain cereal,oats,bread,bars made with whole wheat bran.Take beans or lentils to soups, salad or bars.
5.Fatty Fish
Fatty fish that swim in cold water, their bodies contain a special kind of fat that keep their blood flowing- "our body need this" fish like salmon, mackerel and anchovies try to eat twice or more this will help the heart.
6.Take a Break
Take 5-10 minute break every day to de-stress. You can do meditate, talk to your pets, planting,.. whatever works for you. "RELAX" give your self a time to break for meals and relax.
7.Fresh Vetetables
Eat at least two cups of fruits and two or more cups of vegetables every day, Specially good are cruciferous vegetables,broccoli,cabbage,cauliflower,kale and brussels sprouts.
Those who eat more than 150g of nuts a week are a third likely to have heart disease. Beware- go easy"they are high in fat"
9.Avoid Solid Fat Like Margerine,Lard or Butter
The trans fats in margerine, and the saturated fat in animal fats like butter and lard, clog your heart's arteries. If you like spread on sandwiches, try those that come with added cholesterol-lowering plant sterols. like milk with extra plant sterols now.
Studies shown one glasses of alcohol can reduces your risk of heart attack- a small amount will do 30-90ml daily. Doesn't matter if it's red ,white or even spirits!Taking more can raise blood pressure and dehydrates the body and making your heart work much harder.
11.Work out Kick out!
Exercise reduces your heart attack risk by uo 50%. try walk for 15 minutes daily and work up to 30 minutes  four or five times a week. or try other activities such swimming, batminton,dancing.. etc and check with your doctor before try harder sport.
12.Juice and Fruits
Drink more fresh juice with bright/dark coloured that contain antioxidant that help prevent red  blood cells from clotting.
Lower cholesterol and blood pressure. herbs "Bonus" like garlic and spices specially turmeric make food don't need to add much slat in your food.
14.Get more people in your Life
Stay connected yo families,friends and community. Good relationship will lower your anxiety and depression. leave work in time to have dinner with family and friends and join for a group outdoors.
Pumpkin seeds,Sunflower seeds add in your breakfast or daily diet  crunchy and healthy good for your heart.

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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