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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Spirit of the Mountain

The Spirit of the Mountain
Every great Love stories become a LAGEND, a words to spread the unspoken soul of the lovely spirit of loyal wife who died and the wind sing the rhythm of the mountain...

The word Kinabalu is extracted from the short form for the KadazanDusun word Aki Nabalu, meaning the revered place of the dead.
The name "Kina balu" actually means "Cina Balu" (which would fully mean "A Chinese Widow").
the pronunciation for the word "cina" (chee-na) was changed to "Kina" (kee-na) as in kadazandusun language.

It was told that a Chinese prince, was cast away to Borneo to search for a pearl" bronoe treasure", when his ship sank in the middle of the South China Sea. He was rescued by the natives from a nearby village. As he recovered, he was slowly accepted as one of the people of the village. And he fell in love with a lovely local woman, and married her. Years went by, and he started to miss homeland. So he asked permission from his wife and his wife-parents to go back to China to visit his parents (the royal Emperor of China). 
To his wife, he promised that as soon as he was done with his family duties in China, he would come back to Borneo to take her and their children back to China.
When he made his return to China, he was given a grand welcome by his family.However, his parents disagreed with him about taking his Bornean wife back to China. And, they told him that he was already betrothed to a princess of a nearby kingdom. Having no choice (due to high respect towards his parents), he obeyed with a heavy heart.He stayed in China and married a princess, eventually his love remain in the heart of the Borneo wife.

Meanwhile, back in Borneo, his wife grew more and more anxious. Eventually, she decided that she will wait for her husband's ship. However, since the village was situated far away from the coast, she couldn't afford to come to the shore and wait for him daily. Instead she decided to climb to the top of the highest mountain near her village, so that she could have a better view of the ships sailing in the South China Sea. 
 Thus, she was then seen climbing up the mountain at every sunrise, returning only at night to attend to her growing children. From days turn to months and years passing.. she still hope and wait patiently with love until she fell ill, and died at the top of the cold mountain while waiting for her husband. The spirit of the mountain, having observed her for years, was extremely touched by her loyalty towards her husband. 
Out of admiration for this woman, the spirit of the mountain turned her into a stone. Her face was made to face the South China Sea, so that she could wait forever for her dear husband's return.
The people in her hometown who heard about this were also gravely touched by this. Thus, they decided to name the mountain "Kinabalu" in remembrance of her. To them, the mountain is a symbol of the everlasting love and loyalty that should be taken as a good example by women.

Exploring the Great Lagend of Asia Mount Kinabalu : height at 4,095 metres (13,435 ft) above sea level. Beautiful memories with the respect of the soul of the Mountain.
foot print in the Mountain Kinabalu

Dongkey's Ear of Mount Kinabalu

Relaxing View of the spirit Mountain

RHODODENDRON Plant of Mount Kinabalu

Helping Joy reach the Laban rata

Stop for a refreshing air and dazzling view

I See, I feel, I touch, I climb, I breathe and Smile

Sunrise and it's awesome!
Give way to the Wonder People

sharing the view

Happy climb and a amazing beauty

The beauties

on the top of the LOVE... heheh


Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above
Charles Wesley, 1707-1788

1.         Come, let us join our friends above
            who have obtained the prize,
            and on the eagle wings of love
            to joys celestial rise.
            Let saints on earth unite to sing
            with those to glory gone,
            for all the servants of our King
            in earth and heaven are one. 

2.         One family we dwell in him,
            one church above, beneath,
            though now divided by the stream,
            the narrow stream of death;
            one army of the living God,
            to his command we bow;
            part of his host have crossed the flood,
            and part are crossing now. 

3.         Ten thousand to their endless home
            this solemn moment fly,
            and we are to the margin come,
            and we expect to die.
            E’en now by faith we join our hands
            with those that went before,
            and greet the blood-besprinkled bands
            on the eternal shore. 

4.         Our spirits too shall quickly join,
            like theirs with glory crowned,
            and shout to see our Captain’s sign,
            to hear this trumpet sound.
            O that we now might grasp our Guide!
            O that the word were given!
            Come, Lord of Hosts, the waves divide,
            and land us all in heaven.

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