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Friday, September 14, 2012

Clouds Transformation from Lahad Datu

Sunny day :) just patch my sister from work... on my way home road started to jam!traffic cars coming from every directions, the only clear view was the sky :)
The traffic lights are busy changing colors... so do the transformation of the clouds...
The Sun light hiding behind the clouds and the BORNEO image appear " saBAH Land Below the Wind" Another day with sparkling smiling light :) the Sabah Maps Clouds transformation.
The view from my eyes while driving home.. just passing the Hospital Kesihatan next to the Lahad Datu High Court. No need to rush i there are 4 traffic lights in front before i reach the junction to Taman Pertama.
Slow drive while looking at this transformation, i try not to bump with the traffic jam!
 RED lights.. Stopping and enjoying the skies the clouds transform just like the shape of SABAH maps, and the sun hiding and played hide and seek :)
Now just pass the 3rd traffic lights, another stop before i reach home and the sun also start to go away! The Sabah maps also disappear withing the clouds :) Goes with the wind
 or i can say "Sabah Below the Wind"

Ok the show finish... sun going back home and so do I :) Another new light for new day tomorrow :)

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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