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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Melacca trip's again and this time with VV, my special driver, I LOVE VV because she's the coolers driver i have had! driving safely  with slow music and with a smilling face.... but with me she laughing! i cant drive with serious face i need to dance and sing  with the music that moves my soul and i do entertainted her with my fun moves :) Long distance drive are fun, and drive safely!

There's to many things in my life beautiful and i LOVE THE  MOST! But i do Love  and enjoing;

1. Long Distance Drive
2.Traditional Home Cook
3.Smile and Laugh
4.YUMMY TASTE of food :D
5.with people i LOVE! myFAMILY.. etc

After all the fun drive, makes me very hungry...
1st Hunt NYONYA TRADISIONAL FOOD @ Kafe LIN'S Own by Peranakan Couple.
(45,Jalan Kristal 1, Taman Limbongan Indah, 75200 Melaka)
i have more then enough  6in1 all im my plate,

ABOVE and below are my plate.... i can eat more then enough... YUMMY! i when to the kicthen and see my self how they cooked all this tasty food! nyonya style.. YUMMY!

Taste very good and outstanding for the LIN'S FRIED CHICKEN!

and the best CENDOL in town melt me! taste not to sweet JUST PERFECT! even i dont realized VV was seat next to me...


i love tradisional food, home cook kind of taste:) a tradional way of taste... NO BETTER TASTE then mother kind of cooking :D
Food not about the popularity but the qualities of the taste... YUMMY!
sometimes i when to the shop where  people Q, JUST CURIOUS sometimes the food are good and others the taste just normal. So instead Q for the popular stall or restaurant.

ME an VV walk and got for a "LOOK-SEE-LOOK-SEE" other places un popular stall much traditional way of living where the local having there normal meals.. and we found this simple restaurant with very tasty BBQ Pork Satay! YUMMY!



Pork, Chicken, Intestine,Liver Satay...
Lung Ann Refreshing Restaurant @ Jalan Kampung Kuli, Makam Hang Jebat.
AWESOME, Deliciously Yummy... go explore and enjoy your walk ... because you don't know what you will discover.. the simple outlook with yummy refiling appetites.

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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