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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Smoky Quartz Mountain

Bukit Tabur or known Klang Gates Quartz Ridge located north-east of Taman Melawati 30-45minutes drive from the centre city of Kuala Lumpur. 50 meter from the Klang Gates Dam and Gombak Forest Reserve. Running in a semi-circle at more than 14 km long and 200 meters wide,in good weather can see the great Twin Tower Petronas from this hill.
For me i can call the place the Smoky Quartz Mountain. Due to the beautiful morning view clouds cover the hill' s and the shape of the rocky limestone, shine like crystal when the sun arise... embrace the place. 
Amazing Nature Beauty changed through time...with amazing view of the Dam and the city view.

Smoky Quartz Mountain rich with nature treasure  as such the plant, the limestone, the birds, spiders few of flowers and the trees and leaves are uniquely with beautiful pattern.

 To enjoying the spectacular view can  go in the morning.. and make sure you have a guide.. beautiful view with a dangerous rocky trail.

rosie daria

Pray for a goood Weather  and clear beautiful view specially a smooth safe hike!

VV and me

welcome to Kuala Lumpur

Still a Tough /Dangerous hike ALWAYS be careful

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