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Sunday, November 9, 2014

To Find a Peace of Mind

Some friends ask me.. why i choose to be in the Caveman generation, far back in time and far behind from the new machine of development! Really???
well i reply" look at  my face and you know where im been for this long....... discovering a place called the paradise within the universe ... im might not the riches person in the world! but im definitely the STAR of my own discovery.... in the riches Forest on Earth!
this just few of the latest picture from the smallest place with beautiful Nature that still have the CLEAN air to breathe... do u still know how the Oxygen taste?  Cool yaaaee... do you?

To find a Peace of Mind...

A. is to find the fresh air to breathe, the taste of your breathing what you what it to be... choose your grown, the environment. a place where you woke up and feel like you kissing someone ...
plan your adventure and always ready for something new to appear...that's the Fun part of life!
Morning Kiss
 B. is to have the good sight of view, relaxing environment refreshing your eyes.. GO GREEN! choose your pattern of colors to feel the relaxation of your mind and soul. Can you feel the spirit cheer up from your adrenaline...
Another Dream land

C. is to find the freedom to Jump, Fun things to do... jump from the pier/jetty, go for snorkeling, swimming or dive.  go for SEA SPORT! get active with healthy activities. GO BLUE!
YOUjust start you walk! Run and Fly!

D. is to find the Soul mate that give you the positive energy within, don't hide in the same closet for years, go buy a new cloth's and feel the new YOU with confident. if you walk along the beach feel the sand on you feet. feel the new energy from your confident line that's your grown. don't scared of new changes... the positive energy that will bring you to discover your own self.
the soul mate is your peace.
the new Step is your soul

E. is your decision to continue the Positive Balance of your path... continue the practice and share your happiness.....
Control your practice and the Positive Energy

Every Day a New Day and No one in this Universe are the same.... everyone are unique in different way... Dont say everyone are the same. No ONE the same. But everyone are special.

But you will know when you found that someone special if she/he introduce you to LOVE.
next the Journey to Find the Love.

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