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Friday, February 19, 2016

A Great Getaway

Another Day with new Adventure!

The season of getaway just started... After selected a new team for the new season, here's come 2016.

Everyone have very unique personality and attractive... This what makes the team are special.

Bagus Place Retreat once again open its door to the world with new improvement and new challenges, THIS TIME with a great new team a great new adventures.

13th everyone gather in our Head quarters for the 1st time, the CEO of the company give some incouragement words. Then the introduction of the place. We all gather in Terminal Bersatu Selatan taking the midnight 11:30pm bus to Mersing.

14th it's Valentine's we reach Mersing Johor at 5am and taking the 12noon ferry to Tioman.

One day trips from Kuala Lumpur to Mersing tools 5-6hours by road. And another 1hrs and 30minutes via ferry.   Reach Tioman we all stop at Genting the 1st stop. And waiting for our speedboat to bring us to Bagus which will took another 5minutes.

What I share just along tired journey bit one you reach Bagus Place Retreat...  You tell me once you see what I see from this pictures!

Another great adventures and amazing beauty to share..
This is my Valentine's Day!

And have agreed gift of all, enjoy and appreciated it before we lost the treasure of beauty.

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