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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Garden

Some people have a magical touch...

They can do art's in many ways..

Some need practice for years,and few born with it..others just discover it..
Very special people I know was my Dad!

visitor checking on the plant flower
He cook for the families..  drawing is his career,  his a draft man..
And he loves planting, gardening..  i saw him planting all my years.
I remember we barely buy fruits and vegetables, because everything we Need just in our backyard!
The fruits and vegetables just grow beautifully and happily. Because of my dad and we're happy eating. guess what a kids dream to have a tree house on a mango tree...done it.

I believe I have his talent and his magical spirit of nature's.. 
Every time i move to one place to another I will have beautiful bestpets around and the fruits just blossom like that and what ever plant in planted growing...

Very satisfying..
The best Garden I have with beautiful memories when i was working in rainforest resort.
I have my baby rabbit that understand me and talk back at me in her own language.. I call her pincky. 
Because she was pink tiny creatures that I ever hold when mom rabbit give birth's to her.

I have a small garden in my backyard most of the veges gift from my dad Lemongrass,  bean, watercress. A simple place to have a harmony feeling. sometimes need to make sure the garden save from wildlife specially the 'Wild Boar"  my neighbor try to hunt this poor creatures. but no luck. Wild Boar are smarter!

Gardening and Planting need a kind of care and attention same like we care to someone around us.

The food that we serve comes from the heart with love. my grand grandparents from a Padi planter.
Tumeric,Basil and Mints from the Garden

old wise man said : 
Don't ever waste a good food! if you can't finish it.. you share it! 
by: Daria

to have a child wood pal and having the same passion of planting is awesome. Ryn own a family orchard.. Well that's my favorite place to visit both of us on the trees like monkeys..when fruit season...

I miss those day.. Now living in town with limited quality soil hard to have an health plant.

I discovered that the soil selling in the nursery not really a good soil. Anyway me and my housemate taking soil from someone else empty land.... the soil before the constructions are better soil to mix. Waalaa...magic

The Soil try to survive! i mean if you a gardener you know when the soil are screaming for Help! give some nutrient fruit feel, vege waste...
and now the soil are strong to give life to the plant...

trying to plant vege or herbs in limited soil very hard. Because once you start planting the second stage and very important is caring and attention to the plants.

I believe and I see among my families and friends have the passionate of planting Gardening but they have only less time for caring and attention and the result. Not very fruitful.

The best time to showering the plant is in the morning and evening. So they can keep the water to last a long day of weather.

beautiful ingredients for cooking
Another Gardening tips of planting which my grandfather pass to my dad and my dad's pass the magical tips to me is.." to touch your plant" give them a touch of care and love.

I have small garden in my backyard where I live, and everyday I give them a smiley touch and every time I'm harvesting them. I will said "be healthy and fruitful" hahaha sound funny but it's working for me.

And I wish my plants will be in good hand after I move back to the island...for working.

Every time I'm cooking what I had planted, its brings a very happy feelings reminded the happy moment when I'm kid's

I can say Gardening, planting can relaxing your mind same as painting and cooking.  So why stop!

Enjoy what you doing the most!  Have A happy day planting & Gardening!

the Pumpkins survive
healty pumpkin plant
the Garlic survive here come the  flower
Mints for salad and for the drinks..  some bugs already try to be nesting here because of the beautiful smell
the Basil standing high and the flower blossom.. yummy for salad
The Tumeric... is standing strong

Happy Gardening ...
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