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Sunday, January 1, 2017

ART'S day in Kuala Kubu Bharu

10/12 a very sunny day!Goodman!
Having a "kampung chicken egg" for breakfast before taking the train to KKB or known as Kuala Kuku Bharu.
From KL sentry taking the KTM komuter train,  my ' touch n go' card can't used for this route.
Find the KTM ticket counter and buy For one way ticket cost Rm 8:50 from KL Sentral.
Taking the Rawang line no 4. towards tanjung Malim route.
After waiting for 10minutes the train arrived. I seat at the female coach.
But the train only leave in another 15min. sharp 9:30am then only move.
I Still love the journey through train. looking from the window stoping every station for almost 1hour journey to reach KKB. Special during low peak and not busy hours.frm 10am-4pm.
The scenery from Rawang onwards towards KKB much nicer with the greenery and mountain backgrounds a very nice landscape.
It's been a while since my last visit in 2014.
Once reach KKB station, the monkey's long tail welcoming the guest. My friend Ylee already Waiting for me.we straight go for a late breakfast and earlylunch for wan tan mee noodles.
I know Ylee almost 10yrs since my last project studying about Orang Asli Community in Pertak Village near the Selangor Water Dam.
Tummy very full have a great chat and update from ylee before we have short walk around KKB.
We drive to the Dam!  to see how different the scenery since from 7-8yrs ago while my time in KKB.
It's no longer the amazing Fall of the Dam! Looks so different
The drying...
I ask ylee to stop at the bridge... and i took a few shot of pictures.  this is the place which one of my favourite view during the river flow towards the Dam!
It's looks so much different.
We drive back to the town and go for a temple stop.
Another place a must everytime I visited KKB is theTemple.

The temple looks not maintain. or because theirs few New temple new the town.

We stop for a while at the Library where  the International Arts Festival for the 1st time been organized. 

Ten Asian countries entered from Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia,  Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.
And bang with another old friends Eddie Yap! Surprised  he was multitasking person 10yrs ago he more focus on his batik painting, now he more focus on Nature Guide!  One of the best guide in KKB.

"Start your dawy with a SMILE"
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