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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mr Cendoi the Pearl Island Dessert

The Pearl Island known to many world heritage names.. included the glorious food and tasty dessert called the CHENDUL 'cendoi' for local dialect ..
sweet creamy coconut cream topping with mixture of kidney nut and the snowy ice snow a perfect couple in hot sunny day of Penang Tropical weather.

Kidney nuts
Red Bean
Palm Sugar
Creamy fresh Coconut milk
Snowy Ice

not too sweet.. but refreshing drink dessert good for all day activities. Must try once you reach Penang.

two cendoi all for myself :O  this is my 3rd sendoi since i stay in georgtown area THE PRICE bit different from yesterday today RM2.50 EACH, if you seat inside the restaurant. so better stand outside for better view and eat like the local, two leg standing under the sun.

you can found this dessert all over Malaysia, few too much sweet and some already a new fusion 
with new nuts and corn add in, which the taste bit different. 

my 1st cendoi having it in the evening only RM1.80 touchdown to my hotel in georgtown
having my cendoi standing next to the stall after the owner chinese guy have a rest after a long standing selling cendoi. this  apprentice took over the evening shift  . since Wednesday not
busy day.. no long Q.
SEATING INSIDE THE restaurant you pay more then standing outside the stall... you decide and enjoy the drinking snowy ice dessert.

the owner have a break after a long standing selling cendoi.....
for every weekday its a easy and no Queuing for this Cendoi delicious creamy snowy dessert. but if your dates from Friday to Sunday... the stall open 10 am, be ready to Q BECAUSE THIS IS THE BUSY weekend of the month.

come before lunch and after 4pm.. should be easy Q. BUT NOT DURING WEEKEND.

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