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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Vegetarian Day

Vegetarian Menu's

one of the easy snack for evening bites:
simple and easy to prepared fro starter or an evening snack with fresh juice 

A.Fried Vegetarian Wan Tan:
Green Pea
WanTan wrapper..
B. Fresh Salad
White Radish
C. Fried Egg Basil
Fresh Basil
chicken egg
black papper..

FRIED Vegetarian Wan Tan with green's salad and Basil fried egg

Vegetarian Dinner with "Bunga Telang" Flower Juice!

Steam Broccoli with salt and stir fried with olive oil and add cherry tomatoes for sweet. add some vegetarian toufu  .have a simple refreshing vegetables and having it with cold fresh cooling flower drinks "Bunga Telang" dry the fresh flower inside room temperature and mix inside hot water and add a glass of ice. freshly the color will transform to violet as one of the beautiful nature drinks.

"Bunga Telang-Butterfly Pea" Flower Juice good to calm down the central nervous system ,good drinks for anti depressant and anti stress ... after a busy day at work!
Greens with

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