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Friday, March 25, 2011

Words of the Day

different color of feelings still share the SHAPE of HEART
Thank GOD created unspoken heart to impress a beautiful feelings...
Thank U for created CURSING WORDS that cut someone hearts !D
your Heart is a Better spoken then your words!!
your Heart is a Better Huger, your words a better slapper!!
your Heart is a better kisser, your words a better bite>bitter!!
your Heart is a better friend, your words a better stabber!!
your Heart is a better cure , your words a better poison!!
your Heart is a Keeper, your words a money maker!!
your Heart is a Bank, your words a ATM machine!
your Heart is a cold Water , your words a hither!
your Heart is a better thinker, your words a GOSSIP maker!
your Heart  shape of a HEART, your words is NO SHAPE  but it can cut a HEART!
your Heart is a secret keeper, your words a better paparazzi!
your Heart is a life, your words a killer!!
your Heart is a fragile, your words a stone!
your Heart is a eye, your words are blind!
your Heart create a PEACE, your words created a WAR!

HEART <> WORDS still SHARE the same source > LOVE
Tiny Heart in our hand... spread of words all over the world

i choose to be your Heart =)
cross my heart  it's red blood and shape of HEART=)
if your Heart same like mine we share the same HEART!

But if your Heart No Shape you belong to the other side ...
if you like it share it =)
>^^< @red11
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