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Monday, May 14, 2012

Darvel Bay Silam

Entrance to the Sea
 Morning on Mother's Day surf the gravel road to the open sea with two of my swimmer friends and this how they run from their boring day"OUTDOORS" with me hehehe...
Sunny day Good time for a sea activities
 After a mini stormy last night i'm expecting a sunny bright day for the sea sport activities.. and YES! i guess going to be a very good sunny day TODAY! AND A MERRY JOLLY Mother's Day..
Can see the Bukit Silam from here

The 1st 3Angel's Arrive
 And here we celebrate Mother's Day when far away from home... a Mother's for the fishes  today... really bright SMILE day feeding the fish and go skin dive closer to the fish.
Jacqueline... solo snokling

Jac&Rajes friendly match with the fish

Yellow Coral

Soft Coral Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone and Anemone fish

Instructor and DM
 No Dive for me today ... just sun Tanning on the surf of the sea with friends... my diver buddy going dive inspection Coral and Marine check.
Inspection Dive

Jac feeding the fish
 Jac Playing with the her baby fishes.... feeding them on Mother's Day special edition...
Hard Coral Heart Shape

Me and Jac

Darvel Bay Day View

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