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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kaamatan Wedding

Blessed Simple mix wedding
Time surf like a wind the child i used to hold from born becoming a beautiful teens,adult and getting married to her lucky guy a protector of her life.
Congratulation to my beloved daughter in God's.. see her in her wedding day reminds me how she grown becoming a cheerful child under my mother's protection, and as her guardian through her teenage and education.. very tough but it was a great.. great journey...from happy and pain she been through i was there ..
now on her wedding day become her maids of honor, reminds me of my own bestfriend's wedding a happy day of my life which she will continue the journey not alone but beside a responsible husband that she choose to be for a life time. Soon will enter a mother's life.. wish her all the courage and trust with love for the future families. 

"Be fruitful "Love one another as God's has love you".

Traditional dress for KadasanDusun on of the event night dance with the Couple
They meet through friends in the last semester studding in University... not there 1st love but they found the perfect understand just being there for each other ..supportive and courage with love.
Nelvin wearing BARONG filipino wedding dress for evening night dance
Sky Blue for the female side colour night and Male side light purple

Nelvin & Mary

Mix marriage between two cultures
Nelvin family crest origins Sarawakian Kadazan-Dusun born in Sandakan  and 
Mary family crest origins Sabahan Spanish-Filipino born in Lahad Datu

 Wedding Day background with  Nelvin's families

Sabahan SpanishFilipino Esteva's Family

Guardian & daughter in God

'God bless.. everyone may Love chase the fear of darkness, thou you and i remain together'

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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