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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kaamatan Festival at St.Dominic Lahad Datu

Young Kadazan-Dusun with their tradition dress
Every year our St.Dominic Kadazan-Dusun Community will organized Kaamatan Festival  for the youngster to involve and have fun playing the traditional games and helf for the Fundraising Campaign in the church. Kaamatan Festival not only celebrated by all Sabahan but all others culture in Sabah to share and learn the beauty of this tradition. Every District in Sabah will organized mini Kaamatan to select one of the Kadazan-Dusun beauties which will go for the state Kaamatan Beauty Competition" which become a Yearly Event and one of the Tourist high light". During this festival we can see many different types of  traditional dress, dance, games, craft and the foods what a glories, harmonies and the joyful day to be here.

In the Church Kaamatan Not only for gathering and sharing good things, it's about spreading the love of God, among us. From children to elder one involve and participate in Folks dance and tradition games.. i tried the 'sumpit'(blow pipe) fun but not easy!

This Year! the event much different specially in Beauty Competition, not like before most youngster will be the beauty high light, but this year >> all the Mother's are the high light for this festival;hehe..
photo below, i'm with few of the participate that getting ready for stage action.. others still in the make-up room.. :)
Mother's Kaamatan Beauty Competition
My privilege as the Church volunteer photographer , always can squeeze to each corner of the  festival...hehehe, well it's not my first time..always ready for ON call photographer :)
My Guardian Mother Rosemary and my Friend Joycelyn
Before the festival begin i managed catch up with my Guardian Mother, try to run away with her tradition dress.. hehehee..she a beauty!

Adult Folks dance lead.. the teenager and youngster preform a traditional dance..
Among the Traditional Dance

Below photo are few of the youth's face that involve helping the festival,they prepared the games and sale toy's for fundraising. to Collect some fund for their big event "SYD"

Peace for the present, future youth who will standing helping the church AND LEAD the new youngster of the Church... One Smile at the Time.

Lets check the menu on sale!during the event..
What for Lunch!
1.Pork Satay Barbeque.... not bad for  a lunch refresher...
2. Tradition "MONTAKAU" in the recycle bottle ... also know as local"RICE WINE"
Rice Wine
3. Surprise.... Banana Barbeque ... yiu can eat raw like that or can add cili, sambal any...

After a the stage presentation and lunch.. let us have fun with the GAMES

 Lastik "

 Lumba panjang kaki

i won a turtle..

 Pancing botol

 Lumba Karung

Sumpit " blowpipe

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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