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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bukit Silam(Darvel Bay Tower) 2

The last visit to this place when the project still on progress and doing some survey with groups of youths last year 

After The Darvel Tower officially open for public by  YB Datuk Masidi Manjun behalf of the Chief Minister of Sabah,on the 19th March 2012 . Special name has given the "Tower of Heaven or Menara Kayangan". Which oversee the forest and the ocean and few of the island near the Lahada Datu sea.

This is new tourism spot for local and foreign visitor, located 20minutes drive from the town of Lahad Datu and 2hours from Tawau. Few hiking trails been maintained for the visitor to explorer. This area also provided accommodation to stay and  experience forest guide to bring you hiking.
Latest updated photo from the Tower:
 The new look of the Tower
 Oversee the iSland from the Tower, if the weather clear the view much clearer...
 Sign and rules should be follow while visit the Tower

 Like this sign for visitor

 Pitcher plant wildly grow around the forest floor in this area

These are few hybrids of Nepenthes and the smaller one can make  good houseplant " mini pitcher plant".
These smaller plants can be grown in a tapered glass vase or glass jar, but make sure you have some of lid to trap in the humidity which they need. not all nepenthee are from steamy jungles. Many are found higher up on cooler mountain-tops like Silam Hill where it gets downrigh chilly at night.

 One of the smallest /Mini Pitcher plant can found here
 Accommodation provided for the visitor to stay and can go hike.

Mini Pitcher plant grow within the hard red soil along the road side, 9km before your reach the Tower.

 Few of the trails you can visit with forest Guide. NOT Advisable to go alone!

Another trails 1km from the tower please ask for more information from the Forestry Department and forest guide before plan for a hike here.
Not Advisable to go hike alone!!

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