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Friday, September 7, 2012

Colors in the Sky

Colors in the Sky

The light of Borneo...the sunset..
When you smile just like a sunrise...
When you sleep just like a sunset...
When the colors of the beauty is in your face... nothing 

Compare to the beauty of nature that Shine..
The beauty that rise, the beauty that set down... nothing
Compare the value of the treasure... of The Colors Of Your Smile
The colors of your smile remains... till time disappear like the colors in the sky


witnesses  more beautiful sunrise and sunset in my life, from my kids life till now.. i try not to miss every opportunity to spending my beautiful moment watching the time and the colors changed in second. Such amazing miracles God has created for us. 

Even a simple short Colors in the Skies still a beautiful magic to see...
Here few of latest sunset picture along the road side of Tanjung Lipat beach in Borneo. Before going back home we stop for a while having some shot and feel the air... the colors in the sky..




Thanks for the beautiful back view... 
Chameleons change color to blend in with their surroundings :) 
now i'm blending with the colors..

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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