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Friday, September 7, 2012

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park also known as "Zoo Lok Kawi" located 25km drive on the south west of Kota Kinabalu .The park open to the public on 17th Feb, 2007.With 1.4km forest walking trail Wildlife park fully run by the Sabah Wildlife Department  to observed and take care the wildlife in the park. Surrounding by 280 acres of land including the Botanical Garden which maintain and under protection of Sabah Forestry Department.
Animal Show at the Amphitheater 10min walk from the ticketing entrance, the show start at 11:00am and 03:15pm two times a day.

If you not in the rush, take the long walk to visit every wildlife, and enjoy the surrounding and please refer to your maps, given in the ticketing counter.

inhabitants of the Park included Borneo Pygmy elephant, Proboscis Monkey, Malayan Tiger, Sun Bear different species of deer and mouse dear.
The Entrance and the Exit using the same main trail, its advice able to used long U turn ;
start with visiting the; Birds,Deer and 1..Amphitheater 2.Serval 3.Nilgai 4.Cassowary
5.Ostrich 6.Reptile House 7.Avairy 8.Sun Bear 9.Malayan Tiger 10.Bear Cat 11.Jungle World
12.Small Primates 13.Proboscis Monkey 14.Squirrel Monkey 15.Ring Tailed Lemur
16.Miniature Horse 17.Botanical Garden
18.Ankole 19.Banteng 20.Barking Deer 21.Emu 22.Gibbon&Otter (Back to the Malayan Tiger/Sun Bear) 23.Elephant 24.Chittal 25.Clouded Leopard 26.Civets

if you plan to visit the park bring along your family and don't miss the Animal Feeding Sessions; which you can see they more active.

Hornbills  10.10am
Elephant   10:20am
Sun Bear   02:00pm
Tiger         02:05pm
Gibbon&Otter  02:15pm
Proboscis Monkey 02:15pm

There's two way enjoying the Wildlife Park, walking or ride the "TRAM" which bring you  around start from 10.00am,11.15am,2.00pm and 3:15pm. Make sure you Purchase the "TRAM"ticket at the ticketing counter RM2/head.

Entrance Fees
Malaysian               Adult : RM10  Children : RM 5 (age 3yrs-17th yrs )
Non-Malaysian       Adult : RM20  Children : RM 10 (age 3yrs-17th yrs)

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