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Collections of the landscape and others view within the eye sight.
explore the creativity within through the image of the Nature and People we meet along the way..

Kuala Kubu Bharu : River Dam connected to the Kg. Pertak the Orang Asli "indigenous Community" this picture taken by ROSIEDARIA in 2006  taken from the pertak bridge facing the river flowing from pertak river connect to the water dam, back thenWHEN the view of this place still amazingly beautiful.
Pertak River and Pertak Village in Hulu Selangor
Small fall in kg.Pertak 
One of clear and beautiful place to capture the "indigenous kids" jumping and diving into the river. very excitement and freshly air environment.

river flowing behind one of the Indigenous house
TALIWAS Forest Reserve : NATURE fall within the virgin forest.. all the student havinf free and easy after a long nature study and time to get wet and play in the cold water...

Student Form5 Nature expose Adventure

GARDEN OF EDEN : Private Property turn to eco nature retreat... for family, friends and divers.
the owner of this place keep this treasure as part of their family getaway holidays and place where they rep-planting a coral project.
bringing my student here for nature appreciation and nature explore specially for marine education.

Garden of Eden

PULAU SAKAR: THE Mangrove very reach with wildlife look really scary movie.. but between those water and mud.. lost of small creature crowing around... mini crab and flying fish..

spooky mangrove of Pulau Sakar 
thorn of the Island
The River Palm also i called "Mr Rock & Roll" with their hip dancing post... cover all the entrance from the mangrove river bank. very interesting entrance welcoming..
RIVER Palm "mr rock & roll"

Mr Rock & Roll Palm : happly dancing
Mangrove entrance the only way to explore the Sakar Island ..


The Garden of Spices:

Mount Kinabalu Hike View

Fresher Hill bunglow

PINNACLES with women power hikers