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DARIA's my surname and other friend called me with this name as my first name which i love it ..meaning...

"Daria /d(a)-ria as a girl's name is pronounced DAR-ee-ah. it is of Greek and Persian origin,and meaning of Daria is "maintains possessions well".
Feminine form of Darius, a Persian Royal Name.
Darya also means "the sea" in Persian.variants may also be feminine forms of names like Daryl and Darin.

Darian has 17 variant form:-
Dorian and
for more information,see also the related name Dara.
Baby name that sould like Daria are Darra and Doria.

Daria (also written as Darya) is an ancient name of Persian origin meaning "WEALTHY".
Daria ia a saint of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. in today's Persian, Darya also mean "SEA".

The name has been ued extensively in Russian and other Slavic countries. The common Russian Russian nickname is Dasha. it has sometimes also been seen as a Russian form of the name Dorothy.

Esteva's my middle name from..Spanish name
In Spanish, the name Esteva means- crowned with laurels. The name Esteva orginated as an Spanish name. The name Esteva is most often used as a girl name or female name.

Spanish Name Meaning - crowned with laurels
Origin - Spain

Life is a Beautiful Journey.. a link between two heart in different century, a click of an eye has brought us here together with one simple picture... daily discovery of unique daria journey ..

Chill @KKB with wine collection

New YEAR looks back in Borneo.

Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Gave) Perak
Sibuan Island Cleen Day(Volunteering work) Semporna Borneo
Sky View Borneo KK- Miri - Mulu Air
PINNACLES - BATS CAVE - Mulu great Stone
Tungku Beach Resort New village lifestyle resort
Happening Around Borneo
Taliwas Forest Conservation (Education TRIP)
Flora & Fauna found in Hulu Selangor - Fresher Hills
Danum Valley Rainforest Lodge Lahad Datu Borneo

relaxing @Penang Ferringi Beach

Matt 7:7
"Ask, and you will received, seek, and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you"

precious collection ...
The journey is the discovery not the destination...
too see is from your heart not from your eyes...
connection is from the touch not from your words..
smile just another language across the border..
the pure love is never end always forgive what ever consequent, the risk & no boundaries.

It's been a while since i left home, some memories remains in me specially with my families, best friend, friends, neighbor and every one around me.
Enjoying my work=trips with simply nice Picture :)

 Meditation to start my day at Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Kota Kinabalu ;

Meditation before start the day
@Borneo rainforest lodge guesthouse kota kinabalu, gaya street

Another new Body ART'S 

                                                         my tattoo's design  

Others memories disappear some remain eternity: Past ; Present ; Future ; ..
Cross Wings  = Faith & Love
Open Wings  = God Love, God Protections, God Angels
Stars            = Shinning Bright on Us HOPE
Starfish    = Strength &Strong (soft in the water very light and follow the movements of the water and their environments) in Christian belief starfish as an emblem of Salvation during trying times.
7Stars           = my siblings 4Brothers & 3Sisters
2Wings         = my Parents
JR               = moving on ;)

Ryn & me

Celebrating Chineses New Year in Kota Kinabalu with CHILDHOOD BestGirlfriend Ryn, our yearly book outing specially she need to relax from her HouseWife job! hehee.. 
She the witness to my new body art's Oocch pain.. and she smile! having 3hrs birthday gift tatoo on my back during Chiness New Year17-2-10. what a great pain!

"I'm a believer and i believed the God's created everything for a reason and a person changed for that reason."

A journey that changed a person, one of self transformation that save others life and their environment, priceless experiences that no others can judge.
me with one of the children of local sinakut village, Tungku Lahad Datu

Nature Tattoos

Fight for the environment and a guardian for a day for the high school student in Environment education Awareness

Moment with the local Youths Fight and process saving the environment during 

Spread the environment Awareness to the villages 
"Kampung Kapas" or pillows Village with one of the family who's support their lives with selling pillow
Art's performance with the high school student with the dazzling fun dance characters
with Student before their Dance performance
Protecting the Sea and our environment...i say NO!
Saving our Beach and environment surrounding "NO COAL"sinakut beach , 
tungku sahabat, lahad datu

when skin colour just the bring side of working together in spread the voice of Awareness within us
Earth Day "1,000,000 MudBall campaign"
See you...