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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chinese New Year

My Best friend for19yrs together till now 2011. celebrating our friendship holiday during CNY.
(we're 2diffrent person but life has it own story to tell and we just ordinary person walk through it; one positive and another negative> i think that is the balance of our remarkable extraordinary friendship> though we have our own life, still we never talk about it! THIS our life as Friend
rried>children>grow old).Sometimes friendship it not all about someone shoulder to cry one, to hug on ,to talk with.
But a friendship that someone give love,thrust,courage,faith,smile and walk with you on your holiday,laughing n argue with you, next to your wait for exam result, next to your when you found your 1st love 2nd,3rd..and so on hehe, celebrate it when you found your 1st job,wipe your tears away, seat next to you n listen.enjoying a boring day with you, spent time visiting each other parent and family , seat and look at the sunset talking what come ahead,sharing a crazy thought, climb a tree,fixing and painting a new house, smile on your wedding day,next to you on your 1st born child.Jogging and keep fit with the kids. even a distend away we always fly back home if we need each other,Best of all; Lovelife comes and goes but our friendship stay still the eye witness of the we still look at each other and said"be good & u're crazy"(we been though all this n many more)Thought we never give each other a gift.we always hold on one thing! Gift of Friendship! Happy World Friendship Day=) Everyone have there own thought ... this is ours n mine!
Chinese New Year Celebration, a gathering with LDU friend

Much fun CNY 2011, full of prosperity , health and smile

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