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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sibuan Island

Survey and explore Sibuan Island for my second time with group of investor.

Sibuan Island ,45minute from the main land of Semporna,Sabah.

Small Island with few huts of sea gypsy family

Shell's Sea Gypsy People depend on the sea food, which mean even the small clams  are their food. uumh!

Dry Fish... one of their food and sometimes sale it to the mainland.

Relax after dive and snorkeling around the island which mean you can walk around the island it's only took 15-20minute

my 1st sea explore in the year 2011

getting ready..... im not join the dive group... i when survey the snorkeling area

Gypsy Kids are relax and and playing in the beach area, i been here 4years ago for underwater clean up event. That time only 3huts of gypsy family now their 8-10 huts.


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