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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Regatta Lepa > Tengkorak Cave

This how the regatta Lepa
Semporna; Regatta Lepa
Last Year 2010> 23-25TH APRIL (stay@dragon inn long house)
This Year 2011> Sabah Tourism forward me a scheduled for the event 22-24TH APRIL REGATTA LEPA! not full details;
22/4: The decoration and the opening of Regatta event etc.

23/4: The parade of the regatta boat ,racing boat and the most beauty boat contest

24/4: Morning  Bazaar and Closing concert @night (STILL can see few regatta boats and the garbage souvenir left by our lovely citizen and visitor yesterday i guess!****( today Day trip visit)****

Marine products are still the main source of livelihood for the local inhabitants.
The Kaya Pearl Farm started in 1963 covers thousands of hectares, and produces a wide range of pearls for local and international market.(Now you know why most of the house in Semporna are Biig colorful)

The Regatta Lepa has been celebrated every year since 1994 to commemorate the Bajau tradition of building these splendid boats. Regatta Lepa is now an Malaysia national event in water festival.
The Bajau seafarers' proud maritime heritage came alive in this annual festival of Regatta LEPA, featuring their LEPA boats, with participants dancing at the helm of their boats, decorated in full color.
In East Coast of Sabah, "lepa" means "boat" (colorful boat)-  The existence of Lepa boat is believed to originate from the Bajau fishing community(sea gypsy). The Lepa-Lepa were created solely as a mode of transportation for the Bajau.

This  three-days cultural festival Regatta Lepa held annually in Semporna is a celebration of the lepa lifestyle, which nowadays has been replaced by village dwelling and engine-driven houseboats.

The highlight of the Regatta Lepa includes a competition of the most beautiful Lepa-Lepa based on the boat's decoration, local ethnic music and traditional dances performed on board.
The night embraces colorful cultural dances performed by the Bajau.

(recommend 2nd day of the event for the boat parade,boat race and the most beautiful boat contest.Don't miss it! NEXT YEAR ;)



Due we have VIP miss the big parade and the boat race,our Big V recommend us to visit archaeological site Tengkorak Cave; Alice and Van can't see hansom man on the boat disappointed already haha, come and try again next year. . squeezing with the local in the crowd @bazaar, which sale more cloths, that i think attract more locals that stay nearby islands, we when to the local jetty asking and survey the price for local to the next island ,the jetty are crowded same as the bazaar .
Nice to see when it dry, Better when it's alive

we off to the dry fish market,and i found what i'm looking for the dry sea horse! very rear, and very sad that this beautiful creature are market sale for medicine purpose.
This is the Guy 'Fried Fresh Spring Potato

After roaming around the dry market it's time for lunch, we look for relax and not hot place  on our way back alice and van found this guy who cook the best fried fresh spring potato in town, they interview him plus taking photo and video, we spent 15min try to make one fried fresh spring potato. COOL :). we bought two and we off for  lunch,almost reach the dragon inn restaurant we stop at the speed boat for some photo taking.Ok 12NOON  off we go.Big V. plan to take the fresh fish for lunch not that big and..uuumh the price are NOT reasonable. After that exclusive lunch (allergy already eat sea food in this place because huh hah wow price) well it's nice meals Thanks Big V you pay.

Drive we go to the Tengkorak cave, another 15mins drive from the town.Not that difficult to find the place, because you can see there's sign board direction.When we reach the place, we bang with a youth group who also wearing a red shirt like us. making friends with them and walk together to the 665 step stairs up hill to the cave. it's took 20min walk to reach the top and with a great nature view of semporna and surrounding island.

 the board walk to the tengkorak cave, semporna


lucky who's visit yesterday :)> sometimes it's not all about the destination that count but the journey that full of fun stories,jokes,illusion,new words discovery....,the great views and new friends specially Little Van@vee).Thanks for your time, sweat and energy for laughing with us. specially Big V and Alice the wonderland ; sorry for the nature sun tan. hahaha

A time of  LIFE!is a CALLING that never been heard! it's a STEP that never being COUNT!

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