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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Drag my bestfriend to NATURE and feel the pain of trekking hehe...

Take5 wt Madai Gave background

tree hugger at Tawau Hills Park

One of the Highest tree inTawau.." last recorded 2006

Masrina@ryn my bestfriend & Me not ready but wt.SMILE thanks jojo for the last minute shot..
Sorry friend i know it's tying and you will feel the pain tomorrow please don't kill me haha! a surprise and un-plan walk for our friendship... hahaa i know you are vgood shopper but not a trekker but thanks for your TIME spending wt ME..
Choose your treks..


fangiee.... fungus

Millipede Ball @tawau parks

another trekkks..

Tawau Hills TREKS map


@Tawau the only mongolian chicken rice in town one of famous eating place
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