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Friday, June 1, 2012

Deevali Wedding

Mix Wedding
Best Friend Wedding Dinner Reception 19/3/11.
Mixed married between  Hindu and Christian, sweet Jai Ho Couple Ramone and Mary Gale held in Lahad Datu. dinner reception for families and friends.
After few years stand for their relationship the bond of two heart has join together as one in Christ. As their friend i hold the roll of THE DJ of the night.
Handling the song for the event and dance in the dancing floor. This is the night with night full of lights and laughter, merrier. families and friends gather and celebrate the beautiful special day.
Wedding Reception Ramone & Mary Gale 19/3/11
A cheers of prosperity and love will run through their vain together they will stand as Husband and wife.

Tradition dance
Tradition dance to carry to their next generation together they build a family.

Mary Gale & Ramone (King & Queen of the Night)
A night when they no longer two but one.

DJ Rosie(me),Jackson, Jona Joy, Ralph
Friends who support and made the night happening.

with the friends
witness by friends from far and near.

Family and friends
with cheer we share

Models of the Night Me & JonaJoy
A Great Friend a great planner

Their Guardian angels and family support.

Flory,Brenda,Jocelun, Mr&Mrs, Agnes
Friends that share their happiness.

Me, Mr&Mrs Ramone , flory , Jackson

A Night to cheer and be merrier
Cheers !! everyone

Ramon & Mary Gale with the Angel's

Lovely Friends at the dinner reception
Friends that always be there at your Happy day.
Jai Ho Couple Ramone & Mary Gale
A great friend a great planner.
 God Bless and always merrier in your new life together as husband and wife. May all the prosperity, wealth , fruitful , laughter, sadness will be share together a bond of great soul.
Congratulation!! With love...
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