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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St. Valentine

St. Valentine

Valentine Celebration taken from St.Valentine love stories. and most of the people celebrate this special day every year 14/02/12. Roses price rise up and together with other  flowers during this special day.
Florist shop going to be full with people orders :) and can see and feel the celebrates alive when you have someone with you to share it :)

Even thought i celebrate most of my day Valentine day , never miss to feel the warm valentine's day, which can see globally everyone going out having some special dinner or having family gathering to celebrate St.Valentine Day. I spending it with families and all the mail are busy with the roses promotions.

We should celebrate valentine daily for a closer and warm relationship within our Life partner & families.specially to our kids.

Happy ST.Valentine and Flora day

Windy and rainy day in the morning, wish more sun to cheer my outdoors activities and YES! love notes Brighten my day with beautiful hand writing  and a nature postcard, sent by a special person myJOKER. We been stay distance since the 1st time we met..  a rough road..  :)

Be happy with what you have in front of you, be Thankful , be fruitful, be bless and keep Good memories, balance your busy life with love that will last eternity. Start now share you love ... and be Happy :)

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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