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Saturday, November 19, 2011


THINK LESS and LOVE your LIFE more...
"How Happy you are in your LIFE is not due to chance or luck but to your attitude towards what happens to you" by; Stephanie Osfield

:Stop thinking you are on centre stage in everyone's lives. 
Remind yourself they are too busy thinking about their own needs, day-to-day commitments and future goals to obsess about every little thing you say and do. This will help you overcome your habit of second guessing what others are thinking and then making yourself miserable and vulnerable by imagining they are judging you harshly when they're most likely not particularly thinking anything about you at all.

:Realise that your thoughts create your Life and that you create your thoughts
Ask yourself what else you could choose to think, feel and say about yourself as situations arise so that you feel more confident and appealing. Consciously  start reacting to things with different kinds of thoughts that are less blaming and more self-supportive,relaxed,hopeful and positive. Once your happier thinking style becomes a habit your worries will start to lose their grip on your life - leaving your mind free to focus on the things that bring you Happiness, comfort and enjoyment.
:Notice whenever your inner voice puts you down
You'll probably be shocked to realise just how much you are character-assassinating yourself 24/7. To make your self-talk more self-affirming,stop exaggerating things you have done, thinking in extremes,accentuating the negative and having unrealistic expectations about what you should look like/achieve/feel like.

:Learn to Distinguish
which of your thoughts are based on reality and which ones are based completely on presumptions. To help you do this, look for evidence for what you think, e.g"The reason my bestie hasn't called me back is because she's busy at work,not because she's annoyed with me- most of the time she calls within an hour of getting my message".
:Become more Conscious
of automatic thoughts pattern that lead you to worry about what others think, e.g "He just looked over here and now he's laughing with his friend - i bet he's made joke about how awful i look in my bikini.When you catch yourself, jumping to conclusions, stop and re-direct your thinking, e.g : He didn't even notice me when he looked over here - he's too busy chatting and joking with his friend".

Happiness is not a state that we reach and stay in - it is actually found in the small moment in every day where something enjoyable,relaxing, fun or special happens. So make sure you notice and savour each little enjoyable moment and enjoy it fully - whether it is just sitting in the sun or getting a pat on the back from your boss for doing something well.
:The minute you feel yourself about to say something negative
:Steer Clear of Gossip,Sarcasm,Bitching and Criticising.
Instead find something kind to say about everyone.Negative comments encourage us to release brain chemicals, which promote a stress response in our body.
:Find your flow
you know that great feeling when you're so absorbed in an enjoyable activity that you forgot the time and lose yourself for a while?This state, which musicians,painters,athletes and writers often enter, has been called "flow" by psychologist, who has found it is a power path to happiness.
During a state of flow.. you are focused and fre of worry. Afterwards, you feel satisfied by your achievements. so embrace activities that lead to a state of flow such a creative writing,rock climbing or playing instrument and boost your enjoyment of life

:Stop thinking so Much
Not only thinking negative thoughts, but just living so much within your thoughts.Try it for the next hour. Every time you retreat into the world or your mind, notice it and come back to the world of the senses.Imagine yourself literally flicking the off switch in your brain to help you to move your consciousness back out of your mind.
:Live in the Present
:About the past or fearing the future
Remind yourself that you can't change either; so getting hung up about these thing is a waste of time.

for a quick feel-good ; ME
:Book in for a massage.Yoga..STARING AT THE FOREST AND at the SEA watching the sky
:In your car, sing along with a song you love!SING LOUD :) lalalaaa Yes i do this :)
:Buy yourself a bunch of flowers. Yes i love the smell OF FRESH FLOWERS white color of flowers my favourite.
:Do a great job on your hair and make-up and feel fantastic all day. simple and beautiful with smile
:Hit your fave cafe for quality:having COFFEE/Chocolate and chesses cake
:Do something nice for someone you love "message myJOKER WT BOOOO
:Sit outside when night is falling and watch the stars
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