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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012
Such a beautiful season full of Bless, Laugh, Joy and Fun...
relatives and friends from far and near gather and spending time cooking and shared laughters and stories..
John & the grinch
Above Photo :John Fred 6yrs old the youngest Child from my eldest sister.. the Coolest  boy with his V symbol of Peace for Christmas..

Christmas Smilesssss

Below Photo: Families group photo after attending the Christmas eve masses.. A cheers of Jo:) get ready with you big smile!

Christmas Eve Night
 Another group photo after attending the New Year eve masses.. have some chill and hang out with the rest of the relatives and friends.
New Year Night

Mother New Year Birthday
Guess who's the pretties among us.. hahaaa a new year gather at the church entrance before start the day.. Anabella@monabella, vi vien the (sepet mata) and the cute piggy Joy :))

New Year eve at the Church Entrance with Friends

Christmas Eve SMILEs

Christmas Eve Dinner with Friends from left: Agnes,Vi Vien, Brenda

Christmas Powerful Ladies


New Year Fever makan

with the relatives and the kids

Dinner with friends just chill before the new year eve

Christmas Carol... they have to sing before open there Christmas gift's.

John@Boboy got his Christmas Gift Robot..

Wishing you all with GOOD HEALTH, PROSPERITY, JOY,LOVE and God Bless you!

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