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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Energy Supplements

Energy Supplements are no substitute for good lifestyle habits. However, the supplements listed in the group can help and certainly healthful solution. Make sure you talk to your doctor before swallow any energy supplement to make sure the vitamins or herb you're considering won't interact with any others  drugs you're taking. If you have a health condition, you body isn't working well as a cleansing tool, and taking supplements may exacerbate your condition.See which supplement could be right for you.

This Amazon vine contains xanthine derivatives like caffeine that work as short-term stimulants.
Cautions: Be careful of caffeine overdose if you are also consuming coffee, tea or chocolate. Forms: Can be taken as a power in water or juice.

Vit-B general helps extract energy from healthy diet by metabolising fats, proteins and carbohyadrates. Vit-12 helps the processing and absorption of iron. Cautions: Check out with your doctor if you are taking drugs for peptic ulcer disease or diabetes. Forms: B-vitamins can be taken orally as pills or liquids. They are also plentiful in fortified cereals, mollusks, beef liver.trout and salmon.

Expert describe that this single-cell algae is "a food to feed humanity"It is mostly vegetables protein and is packed with vitamins, minerals, and phyto-nutrients. Cautions: May cause dizziness and a cleansing effect for novices at dosages greater then 1 teaspoon at a time. Build up dosage gradually. Forms: Spirulina power can be added to greens, seaweed,juices,appleasauce, or yoghurt. You may also find them in tablets form.

The caffeine in green tea stimulates the central nervous system. Green tea is a better choice than coffee because it has anti-oxidants. Cautions: Large amount can upset the stomach. Avoid caffeine if you have a weak heart, kidney disease, overactive thyroid or anxiety disorder. Forms: Decaffeinated.

Gingko extract improves circulation, mental acuity, depression and asthma. Cautions: Spasms, cramps and mild digestive problems can occur. Avoid gingko if you're taking aspirin or any other blood-thinning drug. Forms: Look for extract not leaves. Since fatty acids are needed for absorption, teas will not provide the same benefits.

This super food contains practically every nutrient necessary to sustain life. Cautions: Test for allergic reactions by putting 2 or 3 granules under your tongue. Those with bee allergies should be cautions. Forms: Bee pollen can be eaten plain or blended into drinks. It can also can be found as a liquid extract and in pill form.

Ginseng builds stamina so your body can adapt to stress better. It may also stimulate immune function. Cautions: Overuse, especially with caffeine, can result in sleeplessness, water retention and high blood pressure. Interacts with blood thinners and anti-inflammatories. Forms: Of the three types, Korean ginseng is over-stimulating and experts prefer Siberian ginseng or, for those with sensitive systems.American ginseng.

This leaf herbs fight brain fatigue and strengthens blood vessels. which improves circulation. Cautions: Headache, skin rash and sunlight sensitivity may occur in rare cases. High dose can cause nausea. Forms: Add freesh gotu kola to salads or use the liquid extract.

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