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Thursday, February 9, 2012


New activities of the year, hang out with friends and new friends and organize a batminton match between friends for health purpose and to fill up the empty scheduled.
Its a relaxing start but when time goes every one of the team start to warm up and start a new bond friendship with others team special from Health department Hospital.
Friendly match and all have a great fun. looking forward for another match next week;
Join us burn the unwanted fats and keep the vain dancing :))

few of shot during the 1st match:

Looking forward to have a great friendly match with friends an new friendly friend: Buzz catch us at Perdana Hall from 4-7pm. Keep fit and be Healthy!

Simple walk and jog, one of the daily fitness for me, one of the anti-stress from busyhour.
If you don't have any evening plan why don't you start you evening with simple walk and feel the fresh air and the greenery environment, this can help your mind too relax and meet new friends who have the same passion with you.
Jog the easier way to keep fit and healthy, "NO NEED TO PAY $$" just walk to your nearest garden and don't forgot to bring a friend. :))
Running is very good for your health. It provides a great cardiovascular workout, strengthens and tones your muscles.Let see the benefits of running;

1.Relaxing your body and mind
2.Reduction of anxiety
3.Makes the Heart Stronger
4.Increasing Metabolism
5.Burn Calories
6.Improve your appetite (not no appetite)= interesting :)
7.Strengthen muscle and bone (legs)
8.Make you sleep better
9.Can counteract depression
10.Enjoy running/walk can give you both physical and mental joy :)

Everything start with you, never to late to put your shoes on and start walking :))
make sure you do some simple work out before start the long walk or running!

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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