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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time for Acting

KKB, Beautiful weather with a calm day, im resting today,mean OFF day!
just another perfect day to bring my dog Samedi for a walk :)... before a group of Movie stars knocking in front of the doors...
Well in the first place i don't  recognized the actor.. i don't watch television... specially drama local movies "sorry" :(
Most of my time was in the forest hiking and in this hour, i supposed going for a walk to the ASLI village with my samedi..Maybe not today..
Our Guest House just finish refurnish and not open for public yet. Due to the theme and the colors of the guest House was in 60's70's, the director ask for permission to have a look around and decided to make drama scenes... after few of discussion! 
WHY NOT good for publicity :)

 The Crew ,Director and the Actor,Actress of the day.

Ok this must be my lucky day, but not for you Sam (samedi), my colleague took samedi away because of the "HARAM"  .This is the first time i'm watch live drama, i think it was a not easy job, since they keep repeating few of the scenes.. the director will decide.

The Director Mr Bade Hj.Azmi are very nice to me, he shown me how the camera works and explain to me what are they been doing..the Actor Rosyam Nor very nice guy and MOST OF THE CREW :)
After shooting inside the Guest House done they do some shooting outside the Guest House, then i realized...where's my camera i need this one heheh...
forgot to take photo..

well i do have few group Photo to share :) Time for Acting .. me maybe not! but really enjoy my day:)
Very Sunny day mean HOT DAY!good for me but not good weather for them, the actor  are sweating and the actress :) Yes she have her make up artist , to maintain the make-up from melting :)
ROSYAM gave me a Smile and Peace sign for my shot, before he start acting, and his wearing aWIG! :)
when i told my friend Ryn at home she laughing at me..because i don't recognize this Famous face... i don't watch drama, television what!..  but i read news paper :)hehe
By the way his wearing a wig for this drama... and again he came back to the Guest House say"THANK YOU" without the wig, he look different he was bold... and what i think he was good looking without the wig:) hehe 

Happy that everything goes smooth before they continue the next day.. i think in Fresher Hill :) i KNOW BECAUSE.. im with my binocular doing bird watching  near Fresher Hill, when Few cars arrive with a HORN!  to say HI! and there go's my birds fly away.. bye bye sunbird :)

Ok what you expect me to wear...  just my day... and wish a good day for everyone.
 And after the shooting, i did watch few of the drama and filem acting by Rosyam Nor, not bad :)

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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