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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Dragon Story of Tioman

After a great New Year adventure, and marvelous holiday:
Here i'm ... in a isolated Island of Tioman to help a group of divers to take over this small private properties from and local and British partner owner.
A small group of corporate people interested with this property.
Had bought the land and the properties with 7 Chalets from a retired  local guy and his partner a British guy which moving back to UK.

Great Location, beautifull landscaping and a mind refreshing place.

its a year earlier before new 4star resort building next to the properties.

Knowing the British staff and owner ...we have a short chat and time before i discover the reason of they selling the place : because of new building next to the property. The new 4star resort 

will effect the market and environment of private getaway "its no longer Private!". that how the foreign investor get upset for the beach no longer fully private to the guest, instead have to share with other guest from the new resort .
i understand how they feel, to be sharing the wonders of the place with others operators in the same area.
from the first sight view its a "Dragon gem" logistic wise not much of public transport instead of the ferries, water taxi and expensive Dash7 aircraft still flying from

1. Subang Airport - Tioman Island (1hrs)
2. Singapore - Tioman Island (40min)

what a great experience in 24 seater flights.

Breathtaking view and a place for relaxation, enjoy the  view and the Lagends of the Lady Dragon peacefully the caretaker of the land Tioman.

Before we continue  with the introduction lets refresh our eyes with the beauty within the place :)

For relaxing and Honeymoon getaway from the city life a good place for luxury mountain view. small retreat offer 7Chalet with different chalet individual design by the founder of this place;

Names of the Chalet :
1.Tree House -
Design surrounding a tree trunk facing the long boardwalk and the sea.

2.Eagle View -
Design facing the sea still surrounding with big trees and forest. The master bed room with queen bed facing the sea and another room with twin bed facing the forest view with the sound of the nature.Suitable for family 2Adult + 2Child. One share bathroom.

3.Big Chief -
Design for family of 2Adult+2Child.with share bathroom. The master room with queen bed facing the sea and the twin bed room facing the forest with the sound of nature at night.

4.Boat House -
The unique design inspired of fisherman boat suitable for couple. with one queen bed on the captain deck and one bathroom on the ground floor.

5.Flying Fox -
This room design next to a tree with dark purple fruits which attract fruit bats "Flying fox" (the fruit season for this trees in June-July) Double deck room with one share bathroom. Master bad located in the ground floor near to the bathroom part of the room facing the sea and others chalet. On the top floor with twin bed. suitable for family of 2Adult+2Child.

6.Rock House -
Room design for couple on top of rock and facing the sea from the master bed with one bathroom. The sound of the wave and the sea the only instrument you can heard from here.

7.Rumah Laut -
One of the Honeymooner favorite view, queen bed with one bathroom.

all chalet walking distance to the restaurant and to the Bar, which a great walk with dazzling view of nature surrounding.

8.Hawskbill Turtle - name after the turtle found in tioman
One of the three New Chalet design due to high demand of guest to visit located near to Boat House suitable for family of 2Adult + 2child. with two bathroom.

9.Giant Squirrel - name after one of the biggest black squirrel can be found around the chalet 
Suitable for families with small children two bedroom and two bathroom. 

10.sANG Kancil.  - 
Best for couple and located in the high hills with nature view the forest and private sun deck.

All room rates inclusive of;
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Boat Transfer Pick up and send off
usage of snorkeling equipment
usage of Kayak
usage Games equipment in the Bar (Cards/scrabbles/Jingga/Carrom)

NOT included in the rates;
Lunch - upon Arrival & Departur
Island Boat Trips
Boat Pick up/ Send off to Asah waterfall Jetty
Beverage in the BAR

What to bring;
Sun block UV
Hat/ cap
Sun glasses
Insect Repellent (for hiking/ walk to waterfall)
underwater camera /camera
Rain Coat (if rain)

and your Enjoyable mood... ready for the adventure..

Month of April-Jun  crystal clear water and amazing view
 the place closed for Monsoon start November -February every year and only open for operation in MARCH -October.

if you love snorkeling ... around Bagus Place, you might see nice marine life and more resident visitor one  of them Mr.Bagus (Green Turtle) .

Blue Spotted stingray
mostly can found near the beach or sandy area
Soft sandy Crab
found in the sandy beach or after low tide (can be use a local delicacy cuisine)
Juvenile BatFish
found under a jetty

Anemone Clown Fish ( living in the coral reef with the anemone host)

White Speckled Rockcod
Near the coral reef 

It's my 4yrs and last year at this beautiful place... Had improved much and wish for the best growth. 

after a busy day making friends with underwater Marine's... have a great stunning sunset at the Dragon Bar which open with Bar Person In Charged from 5pm-12pm. and during the day time self service Bar... Awesome! Play the Killer Dart Games with the friendly Staff of Bagus. They welcome and treat you as Family.

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The Red Dragon drinks created by a young lady called Rosie Esteva Daria (R.E.D) INSPIRED by the Dragon Island stories.

 Most of all enjoy your holidays .....

Thanks "Start your day with a SMILE"
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