Thursday, May 18, 2017


I LOVE CLASSIC CAR COLLECTIONs.... for sure i dont have one, i just admired classic ,unique and daily ride that bring me around to see and exploring food and culture...
the Journey is always interesting... is the road that we take sometimes bumpy and cloudy.
along the way stormy and rainy ..if you still tough to continue the ride! you might enjoying most of the excitement of the challenges. and have a sunny tanning Day!

And the best part of the journey you meeting with unique and beautiful people and few are the beast!
but when times goes by hope lesson to be shared and learn as part of the book of the journey.

Attending Royal Classic Car collection at Sepang and this one my favorite "Ford"

this one of the coolest car i admired ,the color and the classy design

one of the Merdeka car collection one of the sport car

and this are my enjoyable outdoor ride to the padi field and to the small town

this my Driver... and his a coolest driver.. 

this is a common rides for island transport 3wheels rider ... goods and bags very  

Train -City ride very easy to escape from the traffic like "touch 'N' go

Fishing Boat during low tide

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