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Ten Healthy and calming foods that tame tension..
if you're snapping at co-workers or feeling anxious about an upcoming social event or just plain cranky, it could be something you ate, or didn't eat.
Food can have a direct effect on your tress levels;According to study> WOMEN  with high levels of the "stress hormone" ... guess lets surf the nutrition tables;

The anti-oxidants in blueberries and raspberries can help prevent oxidative stress, which is linked to chronic disease and ageing. Berries also satisfy a sweet tooth better than a candy bar.

The calcium and the magnesium found in the cheeses and yoghurt can be calming, because the two minerals help relax muscle fibres . The fat in dairy foods also makes them satiating, and even one ounce of cheese or four ounces of yoghurt is enough to curb stress-inducing hunger.

Both grapefruit and oranges contain high amount of vitamin C, which is involved in the production of adrenaline.Researchers say that vitamin C deprivation can result in fatigue and irritability.

Oregano tops the list of herbs in terms of anti-oxidants followed by dill, thyme and rosemary. The flavour boost you get from herbs means you can use less salt.

The protein in the red meat stabilises blood sugar and keeps you off the emotional roller-coaster. The tryptophan in protein is one of several reason why red meat helps you stay relaxed in the face of stress. Protein gives you the energy to deal with a demanding situation and can help you relax when it's over.

This roasted or dries seaweed is the richest source of iodine you can find. You need iodine to make thyroid hormones and that's a natural upper. Fish and seaweed are great stress-busting combo.


Crab, Lobster and shrimp are low in calories and saturated fat. They're also flavouful and full of high-quality protein, B12 and B6, selenium (an anti-oxidant) and zinc, which helps speed the metabolic process of proteins. Zinc, like magnesium and calcium, helps anti-oxidants do their job, shuttling free radicals out of your system.

Full of iron, a one-cup serving of spinach also provides 40 percent of our daily requirement of magnesium, a mineral shown to lower stress levels. Deficiencies can cause migraine headaches, fatigue and general irritability.

Like lean beef, turkey contains calming tryptophan. But turkey goes beef several better. It has more protein, fewer calories and much less saturated fat.

Buckwheat, cracked wheat and other whole grains positively affect serotonin production in much the same way that exercise and certain anti-depressants do. The fibre in whole grains also helps regulate blood sugar.

it's not just  a matter of what you eat. it's also matter how much and how often.Nutritionist recommend eating every four hours, and including food high in protein, B-vitamins, anti-oxidants, calcium and others stress-fighting nutrients.