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Thursday, April 21, 2011


it's 10/04/11SUNDAY Morning,
Great weather sunny and just the coolest time to go exploring, few friends are worried about the flood effected the area so they didn't join us.For sure there going to regret that this are the great time to go.After seeing our photo YES they are jealous!
Because of the raining season  Kinabatangan area a effected by flood, house along the river bank few are damage we when to visit few village but the great thing is standing top of the Agop Tulug Cave we can see the surrounding area, included the flooded village and still the view from here are beautiful.
A morning journey with my friend Vee, we stop at Fajar centre for breakfast before surf the road to the Agop Tulug Cave.
mus be Daria

Vee Apprentice

Welcoming Staff and Very Friendly
This few of the staff working in this are, from the ticket , security and the counter.after that your walk to the top is your own risk, be careful during raining, slippery.
Historical Treasure

Located at Batu Putih village from kinabatangan river, that's 45-55minutes (41km) from Lahad Datu small town. Agop Batu Tulug is a steep limestone cliff 39 meters high. The"Agop" words mean "cave" in orang sungai's language "Tulug" mean "sleep"in Visayan language. Mean to be the caves been a sleep place for the soul, since the the final resting for more then hundreds wooden coffins. There are three main caves;
1.Agop suriba (lower on forest floor)

2.Agop Lintanga(middle)
Entrance to Lintanga Cave
Agop Lantanga entrance to the cave
No rush and respect!
Some culture believe every step or journey to a new place, we must respect for the death which mean their soul still there and no plying around.Or we have to as permission to enter the cave.
Curve of wooden coffin
This is few older coffin in the entrance, still few are cover will the coffin, the cave are cool, because of the air are coming in, the ground floor are wet and slippery . still have water coming down from the top of the cave.
Can You find this! Face in the Cave..

3.Agop Sawat (Upper between 12-15 metres high)
Relax after an hour

Entrance to the Agop Sawat Cave which locate more coffin then the 1st and 2nd cave

every coffin with different share of wooden curve, have there own meanings

Lintaga and Sawat caves place more then hundred carved wooden coffins, mostly of the coffins made for the Borneo Ironwood "Belian Wood" and it shown just how long the Belian wood can be lasting, since to be the coffins were 200 -250 years old.
Orang sungai's beliefs every coffins resemble of different animals guardian, that shown on the carved of the coffins with animal shapes (If the cover is shaped like an animal then the coffin house the body of Man).If the cover has no particular shape, then the coffin houses the body of Woman. Research beliefs other then the orang sungai story they also found Chinese artifacts, this shown that the coffins belonged to early Chinese trades who once settled in the areas and married to the local, this shown how to the unique culture of kiabatangan people.
Now the Batu Tulug are Archeological Museum  for research purpose since 1996's basis facilities and information center are located in this area.

Open for Public knowledge with entrance fees  daily from 9.00am -5.00pm.
Entrance Fee: Local VisitorRM2 / Foreign Visitor :RM15

Terletak di kawasan Kg,Batu Putih dekat sungai  kinabatangan, mengambil masa 45-55 min. (41km) dari Lahad Datu.Agop Batu Tulug adalah gua yang terbentuk dari batu kapur atau (batu gamping= limestone) setinggi 39mtr.
Agop = Gua (cave)
Tulug = Tidur (sleepy)
Menurut orang tempatan gua ini merupakan tempat atau persemadian roh-roh zaman dulu kala lebih kurang 200 tahaun dahulu.Terdapat lebih dari seratus keranda yang diperbuah dari kayu belian di dalam gua ini. Terdapat tiga gua kecil yang menetapkan kerandan-keranda yang bercorak hidupan liar separti buaya,kerbau dan sebagainya. Menurut kajian keranda yang bercorak binatang adalan keranda untuk kaum lelaki, dan yang tidak bercorak adalah untuk kaum perempuan.Menurut kajian dan cerita dari orang tempatan corak yang terdapat di kawasan gua dan atas keranda milik pedagang dari china yang perna menetap dia kawasan itu suatau masa dulu.
Gua Yang Pertama > iaitu di bahagian bawa adalah Agop suriba,
Agop Lintanga dan yang atas sekali adalah Agop Sawat.
Tempat ini dibuka kepada umum setiap hari dari 9.00pagi - 5.00 petang dengan bayaran masuk yang berpatutan.
Bayaran Masuk untuk Pelancong Tempatan RM2 seorang/ Pelancong Luar Negeri RM15 seorang

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